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Manduca Baby Carriers

Manduca Baby Carriers & Wraps ~ Engineered for Comfort

Mother with Toddler in a Sand Manduca New Style Baby CarrierMother with baby in Manduca Lime Sling baby wrapManduca LogoDesigned in Germany, the Manduca baby wraps, carrier & accessories are highly acclaimed by babywearing consultants across Europe.

Made from carefully selected raw materials and parts, Manduca products are engineered not just with safety in mind but also optimal comfort for babies and babywearers. 

The Manduca ergonomic soft structured baby carrier is specially engineered to cater to the needs of newborns & infants (3.5kg) as well as toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg. It is one of the most versatile ergonomic carrier in the market today that not just provide the best of quality & functionality but also has the ability to customized to a wide variety of individual shape, size and needs of babies and parents. The Manduca Baby Carrier is truly a all-in-one baby carrier for every parent.

The Manduca Sling is one of the lightest weight 100% organic cotton wrap in the market, providing babywearers with an excellent option to keep their babies snugly with them. The slight stretch in the material allows the Manduca Sling to be used just like a stretchy wrap when babies are small and it can also be used for experimenting with the different tying methods of woven wraps for the more adventurous. 

Manduca XT Baby & Toddler CarriersManduca XT Baby & Toddler CarriersThe Manduca XT Baby & Toddler Carrier is an super adaptive carrier that is design to cater to newborns from 3.5kg onwards to toddlers & pre-schoolers up to 20kg. The carrier panel can be sized down for small babies and size up as easily to cater to toddlers up to 4 and even 5 years old. It is also design to fit petite as well as large parents.
Manduca Baby Carriers - OriginalManduca Baby Carriers - OriginalThe Manduca Original (NewStyle) Carriers is a new line of Manducas created to replace the original Basic Edition Manducas. The Manduca Original spots a wider range of 7 colors with improved color coordination and the hip belt can cater to smaller frame & slimmer babywearer with the minimum hip size reduce from 72cm to 68.5cm. Manduca Original Carriers are made from a mix of 100% Organic Cotton & Hemp.
Manduca Baby Carriers - Pure Cotton SeriesManduca Baby Carriers - Pure Cotton SeriesThe Manduca Pure Cotton Baby Carriers are structurally the same as the NewStyle Manducas except that they are made from 100% organic cotton. Manduca Pure Cottons are available in solid block colors. It is particularly suitable for parents that appreciate the simplicity of a single color baby carrier. 
Manduca Baby Carriers - Blackline SeriesManduca Baby Carriers - Blackline SeriesThe Manduca Blackline Baby Carriers are the same as the NewStyle Manducas in structure but come in the deepest, darkest black with a single daring splash of colour of red, blue or green. Certain to brighten up any grey day and to fit each and every of your outfits. A definite carrier of choice for those who love it black yet prefer to stand out in a crowd. Manduca Blackline Carriers are made from 100% Organic Cotton.
Manduca Baby Carriers - Limited EditionsManduca Baby Carriers - Limited EditionsThe Manduca Limited Edition Baby Carriers are the same as the Manduca NewStyle Carrier in structure. The key difference is the exclusive color mix & embroidery used. Only a fix number of each limited edition are made & each Limited Edition Manduca bears a serial number that is unique to that piece. If you are looking for a baby carrier to make a fashion statement, it has to be a Limited Edition Manduca. Manduca Limited Editions are made from 100% organic cotton.
Manduca Slings Baby WrapsManduca Slings Baby Wraps
Manduca Sling baby wrap is made from an especially cosy, soft and light knit fabric that is 100% organic cotton, ecological certified according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Thanks to a special knitting process, each Manduca Sling baby wrap is elastic and yet supportive without the need for synthetic elastane fibres. This makes the jersey sling more breathable and the ideal companion for you and your baby – every day and in every situation.
Manduca AccessoriesManduca AccessoriesManduca accessories are designed specially to use with Manduca Baby Carriers. Like the Manduca Baby Carriers, Manduca accessories are designed and made with the same high quality and commitment to improve the lives of parents and babies. 
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