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Bring your child along to try out our complete range of baby slings, wraps & carriers. Get one properly fitted to your needs before you purchase.

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Deciding between a sling, wrap or carrier, or even between carrier brands can be daunting for anyone. If you are unsure and want an unbiased expert opinion and a personalized fitting, we offer fitting and advisory services before you make a purchase at our physical showroom.

We have over 10 years of hands-on babywearing fitting experience & keep up with the latest deveopments in evidence-based babywearing, ergonomics & baby development.

Priority for services by our expert consultants is given to our online booking.

Button for Booking a Baby Carrier Support Session

If you had purchased a regular priced carrier with us, your Babywearer's Privilege Card gives you access to our expert babywearing support & consultation services on your carrier at our premises for up to 3 times within 2 years, at no extra cost.

To book your free support session, please book your appointment here & present your Privilege Card for verification before the session.

Book now to ensure we have a consultant on hand to help you. Priority will be given to booked appointments.

7 Good Reasons for choosing the Right Baby Carrier

1  Health of Baby’s Spine

The formative years of a child's spine is crucial for his overall development in later years. Baby ring slings and baby wraps are ideal for younger babies who have yet to attain good head support as it mirrors the human womb cuddling the baby.

For a baby with good head support (usually from 5 months), ergonomic backpack carriers and hip carriers can give baby the best spinal support. Allowing the baby to sit snugly in a natural straight-up sitting position in these carriers is best for the baby's spinal development vs. hanging  the baby by the crotch in some other carriers. 

2  Better Ergonomics

A baby carrier with good ergonomics should take care of comfort for the baby as well as the babywearer. A toddler can weight over 15kg and still required to be carried pretty often. An ergonomic backpack baby carrier with superior weight distribution system such as the Patapum Baby Carrier  or the CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier can be used with toddlers up to 2-3 years old.

Carriers such as the Manduca Baby Carrier, Tula CarriersPatapum Toddler Carrier  & the Boba Baby Carrier are designed to cater to older toddlers and can take children beyond 3 years old comfortably. These baby & toddler carriers make it possible for many to continue to carry their growing child and not risking injuring themselves.

3  Convenience & Freedom

If you do not fancy lugging a heavy stroller around, you will find a baby carrier most handy, especially if going out on your own with your baby. Even if you do use a baby stroller, it is still convenient to have a baby carrier as baby does not always sit quietly in a stroller.

At times when baby needs to be carried or at home, it is more ergonomic to carry baby in a baby carrier than holding baby in your arms for a stretch of more than a few minutes.

4 Safety

There are many choices of baby carriers in the market today, however, not all baby carriers adhere to high safety standards. Differences are usually very subtle and not apparent. For example, baby ring slings, possible single points of failure includes the rings used. For ergonomic backpack carriers & hip carriers, the quality of buckles used is paramount.

Where your babies are concern, no chances should be taken with inferior or untested products. This is a mistake we cannot afford to make. You can be assured that our range of baby slings, baby wraps & baby carriers are all quality tested to ensure the safety of your child.

5  Keep up your Active Lifestyle

You do not have to be bogged down at home. With a good baby carrier that is both parent and child friendly, you can continue to lead your normal or active lifestyle. In essence, your baby fits into your family and there is no need to make huge adjustments to your normal lifestyle.

If you like the outdoors, with a good backpack baby carrier, you can share the wonders of the great wide world with your baby anytime! 

6  Builds Confidence

Research has shown that babies who are carried often and have their needs met frequently are more likely to grow up to be confident adults. As a parent becomes more attuned to baby’s needs as baby is being carried, the parent also becomes more confident in being a parent.

You need a baby carrier that is easy to use and allows you to carry your baby comfortably for longer periods of time.

7  Promotes Better Parent Child Bonding

Carrying baby often in a close and snug position helps nurture the bonding between wearer and baby. As a result, the wearer becomes more attuned to the baby’s needs and the baby learns to trust the wearer, creating a special bond between the pair. Thoughtfully designed baby carriers such as the Boba Wraps (formerly known as Sleepy Wraps), Patapum Carriers, Manduca Baby Carrier and Ellaroo Mei Hip & Mei Tai Carriers take care to minimize any barrier between the baby and the wearer. This gives extra warmth and comfort to the baby being carried.

For parents who have to be away from your baby because of work, carrying baby snugly in a baby carrier whenever possible will help bonding to bring the parent and child closer together.

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