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JumpSac Linen Blend Baby Ring Slings

A practical choice that is both Cool & Beautiful

JumpSac Baby Linen Ring Slings is premium in Quality and LooksJumpsac Baby Linen Blend slings are one of the most practical and stylish ring slings for both first time or seasoned babywearers. Linen is naturally antibacterial and wicks moisture away easily, making JumpSac Baby Linen Blend slings one of the most comfortable and coolest baby slings to wear babies, especially in a tropical environment. Lint-free and non-allergenic, it can easily be touted as one of the best fabrics for use on sensitive babies' skins.

Blending linen with cotton or rayon helps combine the advantages of both types of fiber making the JumpSac Baby sling colours more vibrant, easier to care for, yet affordable for practical babywearing. The strength of Jumpsac Baby's linen blend ring slings, coupled with their unique shoulder design makes weight distribution surprising efficient for a baby ring sling. Definitely one of the must-haves for any modern mommies who wish to get more value or wear out of their baby ring slings.

JumpSac Baby slings have slightly narrower widths than the typical Cotton or Sateen baby ring slings, so that baby is never overwhelmed by too much fabric or gets "lost" inside the sling. Matching colored aluminium rings makes the slings lighter and much easier to manipulate without ever sacrificing Mommy's need to stay every bit the stylish Mommy.

Also unique to JumpSac Ring Slings are the isolated padded shoulder band and the uniformly pleated sling panel. The isolated padded shoulder band prevents the sling from sliding during adjustments and cups the shoulder snugly for optimum weight distribution and greater comfort. The pleated sling panel helps prevent the sling panel from twisting behind the babywearer's back. A common problem with most other ring slings without this design.

All JumpSac Baby Linen Blend ring slings come with a large pocket with concealed zip on the tail end. Each ring sling packs away neatly in a beautiful matching bag.

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