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Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Wraps, Ring Slings & Carriers

JPMBB Baby Wraps, Ring Slings & Carriers from Paris

Babywearing Differently: Reinventing Conventional Wisdom

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Original WrapJe Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) PhysioCarrierJe Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Baby Ring Sling

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Je Porte Mon Bébé (JPMBB) is a Paris based family owned company that specialises in babywearing. As a company, they provide babywearing training for babywearers, babywearing consultants as well as healthcare professionals. With their deep understanding and passion for babywearing, they are also constantly look out for ways to improve the tools used for babywearing.

The JPMBB Hybrid Wraps was created as an innovation on the traditional baby wrap. Using a special patented material, the JPMBB is able to provide the sturdiness of a traditional non-stretchy wrap as well as the flexibility of a modern stretchy wrap. A one of it's kind in the world. The JPMBB team subsequently also launched the JPMBB Basic wraps to cater to those who need a simpler and more economical stretchy wrap solutions.

In 2013, JPMBB's continuous efforts on research and development score another first with their "Little wrap without a knots". This time, by reinventing the baby ring sling. Again, using a specially created fabric, the company brings ease of use and fashion to the traditional ring sling. 

With the launch of the Je Porte Mon Bebe PhysioCarrier in 2015, JPMBB now offers a complete suite of babywearing solutions of modern parents. The JPMBB PhysioCarrier once again incorporates the JPMBB team's in depth knowledge of babywearing and their passion in innovation using modern materials to deliver a unique soft structure carrier experience that is not just superior in comfort & function but also stylish. 

JPMBB Original Baby WrapsJPMBB Original Baby WrapsThe Je Porte Mon Bebe (better known as JPMBB) Original premium stretchy wraps from France are one of its kind in the world. Conceived and perceived as a hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap, the JPMBB wrap inherits both the best properties of the 2 distinct type of wraps. The JPMBB wraps completely changes the belief that with stretchiness, a wrap needs to compromise on sturdiness.
JPMBB Basic Baby WrapsJPMBB Basic Baby Wraps

The Je Porte Mon Bebe (better known as JPMBB) Basic Wrap is conceived as a "little sister" to the JPMBB Original baby wrap. Unlike the JPMBB Original wraps, which are hybrid wraps with both stretchiness & strength that allows for unsurpassed flexibility and versatility in usage, the JPMBB Basic wraps are designed with the beginners in mind. The material used is lighter weight and slightly shorter and narrower, making them easier to manage for new users. 

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Ring SlingsJe Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Ring SlingsJe Porte Mon Bebe renowned for their innovative Hybrid Stretchy Baby Wrap brings you the JPMBB Ring Sling or Little Wrap Without Knots. While baby ring slings are not new, JPMBB Rings Slings are one of its kind. Utilizing a new fabric developed and made in Europe specially for babywearing, you now have a ring sling that is not just more comfortable but also easier to use and manage than traditional ring slings, and best of all, suitable for all climates. 

Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) PhysioCarriersJe Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) PhysioCarriersThe JPMBB PhysioCarrier utilizes an interesting mix of new materials & unique design elements to present an extra soft structure carrier that is simple to use, yet highly configurable & stylish at the same time. Suitable for use with newborns (with additional inserts & pillow sold separately) to 20kg, the carrier is design to also adapt for use in all seasons. 
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