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GroVia Cloth Diapers & Accessories

GroVia Cloth Diapers & Accessories

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The brainchild of a mother of four, GroVia diaper systems help take the mystery (and fear) out of cloth diapers--offering modern parents an eco-friendly, stylish, economical, and easy-to-use diaper.

Unlike conventional pocket diapers, GroVia diaper systems revolutionalized the cloth diaper industry by introducing diaper designs that are more logical , easier to use by parents and more comfortable for babies. 

Key Highlights of the GroVia Cloth Diaper Systems

  • Stylish & Easy-to-Use ~ GroVia diapers' advanced design make them not just stylish but also a lot easier to use compared to most cloth diapers in the market today. Forget about stuffing and (yuck!) un-stuffing. GroVia provides either All-In-One systems or hybrid systems which you just need to unsnap a used soaker and snap on a fresh clean one!
  • Economical ~ Out of the box designs such as the GroVia All-In-2 hybrid diaper system brings savings to new levels with reusable diaper shells.
  • Eco Friendly ~ All GroVia products are made with biodegradeable and compostable materials and free of the harsh chemicals and toxins found in many disposable diapering products. Even the disposable bioSoakers are free of plastic, chlorine, dye & fragrance. 
  • A Diaper to fit All ~ From newborn All-In-One's to All-In-One's to Hybrid All-In-2's and Trainers, Grovia has a solution to meet your every diapering needs.

GroVia Newborn All-In-One DiapersGroVia Newborn All-In-One DiapersDesigned specifically to meet the needs of newborn babies, the GroVia Newborn All In One cloth diaper is as easy to use as our standard AIO. The GroVia Newborn AIO features a super-trim fit, stretchy leg gussets, and a sewn-in hemp/cotton soaker pad. Everything inside is topped with buttery-soft micro fleece for the coziest fit possible. Even the tiniest bundle will stay dry and rash-free. Suitable for newborns from birth 5 to 12lbs (about 2.3 to 5.4kg).
GroVia All-In-One Cloth DiapersGroVia All-In-One Cloth DiapersGroVia AIO’s unique one-size cloth system grows with baby and incorporates a convenient, easy to clean, one size diaper with soft waterproof outer and organic cotton inner– so parents spend less time washing & more time enjoying happy moments with baby. With the absorption layer built into the GroVia AIO diaper, there is no need to deal with cumbersome inserts as with conventional pocket cloth diapers. Suitable for use with babies from 10 to 35lbs (up to about 3 years old).
Grovia Hybrid All-In-2 Cloth Diaper SystemGrovia Hybrid All-In-2 Cloth Diaper SystemThe GroVia Hybrid All-In-2 combines the industry’s most innovative waterproof cloth diaper shells with a super-flexible suite of absorbency layers. Parents are free to mix and match different shells and absorption layers according to their lifestyle. From travel, to daycare, to time at home, hybrid cloth diapers have you covered. The quick snap-on soaker design makes changing diaper a breeze and reusable diaper shells means more savings overall.
GroVia Diapering AccessoriesGroVia Diapering AccessoriesOver the years, GroVia has developed a line of accessories that matches the unsurpassed quality and innovation of their cloth diapers. GroVia offers everything you need to make modern diapering easy and your parenting journey more enjoyable.
GroVia Baby & Toddler Swim DiapersGroVia Baby & Toddler Swim Diapers

GroVia baby & toddler swim diapers are perfect for the pool, beach, and even sprinkler play. These swim diapers are great combination of fun and function, featuring an adorable printed waterproof outer, lined with a soft terry inner that will stop solid messes in their tracks. Stretch side snaps give a custom fit and make for easy clean ups! GroVia Swim Diapers are designed fit babies & toddlers weighing from 4.5 to 22.6 kg

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