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Ellaroo Wraps, Slings & Baby Carriers

Ellaroo Wraps, Slings, Mei Hip & Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Ellaroo Mei Tai Baby Carrier is elegant and ergonomicalEllaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier is simple yet ergonomical

Clever Blend of Elegance & Ergonomics

When you first look at the Ellaroo Mei Hip and Mei Tai Carriers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably, "You mean baby carrier can look so good?". The Ellaroo Mei Hip and Mei Tai Carriers do not just look good, they are also designed to be among the best ergonomic soft structured baby carriers in the market today.

The US designed Ellaroo Soft Structured Carriers thrive on their minimalist design. The Ellaroo Mei Tai is an adaptation from the traditional Asian Carriers. It retains the simple and practical design of the original Mei Tai with enhancement on the comfort level with superior organic materials and longer straps to cater to larger wearers and babies. The Ellaroo Mei Hip is an ingenious adaptation of a traditional baby sling enhanced with hip support, allow more comfort for the babywearer. With just 2 buckles, it is among the easier to use among all baby carriers.

For the Ellaroo Mei Hip & Mei Tai, because of their compact design, when on trips, it is extremely easy to just fold them up and bring along, whether on a vacation or just an afternoon out shopping. Once you experience it, you would never want to leave home without it.

Ellaroo Carriers Ergonomics FactorsBaby Carrier Weight Distribution ComparisonIn terms of ergonomics, both the Mei Hip and the Mei Tai distinguishes themselves clearly from many other structured carriers in 2 aspects, weight distribution efficiency and snugness factor.

When in use, the hip belt design effectively transfers most of the baby's weight to the waist and hip of the babywearer. This lowers the Center of Gravity (CoG) of the load on the babywearer, minimizing the strain on the wearer's back which is common in carriers that rely on solely shoulder straps. The Ellaroo Mei Tai & Mei Hip are designed to not just carry toddlers up to 16kg, they are designed to allow a babywearer to carry 16kgs as comfortable as possible for extended periods of time.

The other area of distinction is the high snugness factor of the carriers. This important to ensure that the baby or toddler's spine gets the best support they need while they are being carried. As with a car seat belt not adjusted snugly cannot prevent injury effectively during an accident, a baby carrier that does not hold a baby snugly can subject a child to higher risk of injury.

Beside benefiting the child, a baby carrier with high snugness factor also helps the babywearer by bringing the CoG of the child closer to that of the babywearer. This also helps to reduce the strain on the babywearer's back.

Ellaroo Uses Military Grade Buckles to ensure safetyEllaroo baby carrier's high quality ensures safety and durability

Uncompromised level of safety

This is another area where Ellaroo Soft Structured Carriers excel. The organic materials used to make the baby carriers allows them to be used with even the most sensitive baby skin.

Crucial joints and folds are all reinforced with extra stitches. For the Ellaroo Mei Tai which is tighten with double knots, the material chosen prevents any knots made to slip out easily and undo by itself.

For the Ellaroo Mei Hip, the buckles used are from National Molding, NY*. These are equivalent to the UTX* Stealth military grade buckles. They are easier to used yet extremely strong when fastened in place. Tested for fire, heat & stress resistance, these are built to last many years of use and certainly buckles you can trust your baby with. Ellaroo is uncompromising when it comes to safety of its products, you should be too.

*National Molding, NY & UTX belongs to the same group of companies

Stylish & 100 % Organic Materials

Besides ergonomics, Ellaroo Soft Structured Baby Carriers comes in a good selection of modern colors and design. It is an excellent way to make a fashion statement while at the same time bonding with your child. It is the baby carrier of choice for many modern parents. Besides the stylist look, all Ellaroo Baby Carriers are made from 100% organic materials. These materials are derived from environmentally friendly ways of cultivation and processes. They are therefore especially suited for use with babies whose skin is extra sensitive to chemicals.

My son absolutely loves being carried in the Ellaroo Mei Hip carrier!...every time I start strapping on the carrier now, he stretches his arms out towards me to indicate he cannot wait to be carried!
Brenda Young, Mother of 13 month old toddler, Singapore
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