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Our Baby Wrap Carriers

Baby Wrap ~ A Tradition that never ages

Ellaroo Wraps made from Hand Woven CottonBoba Wrap Baby Wrap with newbornThe Baby Wrap carrier is one of the few traditional baby carriers that has survive generations without much alteration to it's original design. Simple as it is, it provides many advantages that pale many modern baby carriers in the market today. It is no wonder that many modern parents have taken to the use of this traditional baby carrier and sworn by it.

Simple & Versatile

The minimalist design makes this a compact babywearing tool to bring around. Most people find it easy to learn how to use too. Accept for a few simple principles, how a babywearer wants to tie the baby wrap is up to you! A baby wrap allows you to carry your baby in the front carry facing you, front carry facing out, hip carry and piggy back carry. It's that flexible.

Accomodative to Wearers & Babies of varying Sizes

One of the challenge of the babywearer today is to find a baby carrier that can accomodate the growing child and some times growing or shrinking parents. Some baby carriers are built only for wearer of a certain size, others for babies of a certain size, some allow adjustments to be done through buckles, some uses double rings.

For the Baby Wrap, it is a one size fit all solution. It always has been, regardless of wearer or baby size, it will still fit you snugly. The Baby Wrap is the perfect solution for newborns or preemies to toddlers. In fact, the Baby Wrap is probably the only baby carrier solution in the market that can, by design allow a person to carry a pair of baby twins at the same time, in a single Baby Wrap!

Ergonomical by Design

The Baby Wrap's design centers around it "wrapping" of the material around the wearer and the baby. Proper use of the baby wrap almost always ensures that the baby or toddler is snugly against the babywearer's body. By bringing the center of gravity (CoG) of the baby and wearer close together, it results in minimal stress on the wearer's back.

For the baby especially newborns and pre-matured borned babies or preemies, the snugness of the wrap emulates the womb perfectly, providing the necessary support for their delicate spine and neck. The spreading of the fabric across a large area of the wearer's and the baby's bodies also effectly spreads out the weight. The result is greater comfort for both the babywearer and the baby.


You can carry your newborn in it, you can carry your toddler in it, you can use it as a make shift blanket or you can use it as a pillow. The baby wrap is certainly one of those things you would hate to leave behind when you need to make a trip or vacation with your little ones. You can never know when it can come in handy, can you? Anyway, it's so easy to bring along, the baby wrap is truly something that many wouldn't want to leave their home without.

Trendy & Modern Innovation

Modern innovation in Baby Wraps comes in the form modern fabric. Cotton fabric with additional elasticity built into the material are used in our Boba Wraps (formerly known as Sleepy Wrap) and french JPMBB baby wraps that reduces the need to untie and retie these baby wraps when you put in and take out your child. Basically, you just tie it up once and use it for the whole day! This materials are also cooler and more gentle to use than traditional cotton materials. 


For the more trendy parents, there are always the hand woven cotton baby wraps from Ellaroo and batik print Wrapsody that provides a very traditional vibrance and colours to your life.

Boba Wrap Baby WrapsBoba Wrap Baby WrapsThe Boba Wrap (formerly known as Sleepy Wrap) is designed with just the right amount of elasticity, conforming perfectly to your body with no need for constant readjusting unlike less elastic baby wraps. When using the Boba Wrap to carry your newborn, toddler or even a preemie, the closeness and lull of your heartbeat with settle & calm your baby. No baby is too tiny for the Boba Wrap & premature infants actually thrive when in a Boba Wrap. It is also ideal for discreet breastfeeding in.
JPMBB Original Baby WrapsJPMBB Original Baby WrapsThe Je Porte Mon Bebe (better known as JPMBB) Original premium stretchy wraps from France are one of its kind in the world. Conceived and perceived as a hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap, the JPMBB wrap inherits both the best properties of the 2 distinct type of wraps. The JPMBB wraps completely changes the belief that with stretchiness, a wrap needs to compromise on sturdiness.
JPMBB Basic Baby WrapsJPMBB Basic Baby Wraps

The Je Porte Mon Bebe (better known as JPMBB) Basic Wrap is conceived as a "little sister" to the JPMBB Original baby wrap. Unlike the JPMBB Original wraps, which are hybrid wraps with both stretchiness & strength that allows for unsurpassed flexibility and versatility in usage, the JPMBB Basic wraps are designed with the beginners in mind. The material used is lighter weight and slightly shorter and narrower, making them easier to manage for new users. 

Manduca Slings Baby WrapsManduca Slings Baby Wraps
Manduca Sling baby wrap is made from an especially cosy, soft and light knit fabric that is 100% organic cotton, ecological certified according to the GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). Thanks to a special knitting process, each Manduca Sling baby wrap is elastic and yet supportive without the need for synthetic elastane fibres. This makes the jersey sling more breathable and the ideal companion for you and your baby – every day and in every situation.
Wrapsody Bali Stretch Hybrid Baby WrapsWrapsody Bali Stretch Hybrid Baby WrapsThe Wrapsody Bali Stretch Hybrid Baby Wrap allows for all the snuggle of a stretchy wrap with the support of a woven. Made from cotton that is strong, silky-soft, and lightweight that will not pill or fade with washing. Each Wrapsody has tapered tails so the wrap is not bulky when worn. The Wrapsody Bali Stretch Wraps are especially suited for use in tropical climate. Recommended for use from newborn up to 35lbs(16kg).

Ellaroo Baby WrapsEllaroo Baby WrapsThe Ellaroo Wrap has that just-right stretch, to form around you and baby, without being bouncy. The simplicity of design make this one of the most versatile baby carrier you can find. The Ellaroo Wraps are woven for Ellaroo by a cooperative of weavers in Guatemala. These hand woven cotton are highly breathable, comfortable to touch and extra gentle to baby skin. Most suited for use with newborns onwards to 35lbs (16kg).
Kokadi Baby WrapsKokadi Baby WrapsThe Kokadi Baby Wraps are made from the highest quality 100% organic cotton yarn. Weaved using the Jaquardtechnik, Kokadi wraps are diagonally elastic.  With the Kokadi wraps, you can carry your child from birth through the toddler years, on the front, hip or back. Recommended for use from newborn up to 35lbs(16kg).

Oscha Slings Baby WrapsOscha Slings Baby WrapsOscha Slings (pronounced 'O-Sha') produces beautiful, high quality wraparound slings & ring slings that are carefully designed and developed for you to carry your baby. Their fabric is woven in the UK and Ireland, and then hand-crafted into babywearing slings in Scotland. Oscha Slings Baby Wraps are created from these exquisitely designed natural fibre fabric. 

Pellicano Baby WrapsPellicano Baby WrapsPellicano Baby Wraps are made using cross twill, diamond, or special jacquard weaves. The type of yarn, its thickness, and the kinds of waves used are mixed carefully to guarantee proper stretch and allowing the needed support for baby’s spine and optimal comfort for the parent. All Pellicano Wraps are produced only in Poland and Germany.

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