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Tula Baby & Toddler Carriers

Tula Baby & Toddler Carriers

Couple with Tula Baby Carriers in backcarry positionTula Baby Carrier LogoTula Carrier is an ergonomic Soft Structured Backpack style baby carrier designed in Poland. It comes in 2 variants, the baby carrier and the toddler carrier. The Tula Baby Carrier is intended for babies from 7 to 20kg or typically up to about 4 years old. While the Tula Toddler Carrier is a specially designed carrier to cater to big kids from at least 18 months onwards, up to even 6 years old (22kg).

As most kids would require some form of carrying daily up to at least 3 years old, the Tula Baby carrier makes this possible and allows parents to carry their children comfortably even for extended periods of time. Parents can enjoy better parent child bonding during these times which otherwise would have been back breaking if the child is carried using just hands.

The ergonomic hip belt effectively transfer a child's weight from the shoulders to the hips. This helps to keep the centre of gravity of the child below the lower back of the babywearer. The hip belt that is designed to snugly wrap around hips will then distribute the weight evenly across, therefore allows the babywearer to comfortable carry a child up to 22kgs comfortably in the Tula carrier without straining the shoulders or lower back.

All Tula Carriers are hand made in their own facilities located in Poland & Mexico. Tula do not outsource manufacturing of the products, therefore have full control of the quality of everything they make. There are no assembly lines as each product is truly made by hand by one person from the beginning to the end. Each carrier is inspected by the quality assurance manager before packing in the box and shipping.

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