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Sleepy Wrap Baby Wraps

The Stretchiest Baby Wrap in the Market

Sleepy Wrap Gray Baby Wrap is best for carrying a newborn or preemieBaby nursing in a Sleepy Wrap Gray Baby WrapThe Sleepy Wrap Baby Wrap is designed with just the right amount of elasticity, conforming perfectly to your body with no need for constant readjusting unlike less elastic baby wraps. When using the Sleepy Wrap to carry your newborn, toddler or even a preemie, the closeness and lull of your heartbeat with settle and calm your baby.

No baby is too tiny for the Sleepy Wrap and premature infants actually thrive when in a Sleepy Wrap. Again and again, you will find your little one peacefully asleep on your chest in your Sleepy Wrap. It is also ideal for baby nursing or discreet breastfeeding on the go.

The Sleep Wrap grows with you and your child over time and allows adults of all sizes to wear the wrap. The Sleepy Wrap is ideal for your baby's first year of life, yet you may comfortably accomodate your two year old in your Sleepy Wrap. Each Sleepy Wrap is stress tested at 35lbs (16kgs), so you can have your hands free and know that your baby is safe and secure.

The Sleepy Wrap uses your entire back and has wide straps to wrap over both your shoulders equally distributing the weight of your baby. The Sleepy Wrap is gentle yet strong, not to mention its completely ergonomic design ensures that there are zero pressure points on you and you precious little one. Because of these, there is literally no limit as to how long your baby can spend in the Sleepy Wrap. It will allow you to confidently go anywhere together with your baby through the day with no worries.

*Note: As of Oct 2011, Sleepy Wrap has been officially rebranded to Boba Wrap. You can check out our Boba Wrap collection here.

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