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TaylorMade Water Mesh Baby Sling

TaylorMade Water Mesh Baby Sling

Here comes the Water Baby!
TaylorMade Water Mesh Baby Sling
WhiteRoyal BlueRedPurpleMaroonBlackTaylormade watermesh sling is the ideal carrier for water play
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The beauty of this TaylorMade Water Mesh Baby Sling lies in the clever use of its material. Made of 100% Polyester Athletic Mesh, it hardly absorbs any water and is therefore suitable for using it when taking baby to the pool or to the beach. Not only can the TaylorMade Water Mesh Baby Sling be adjusted when wet, it also dries quickly, so you do not have to bring another baby sling with you if you are traveling light.

This is probably the lightest and most versatile travel system available. Some people find this a lifesaver when traveling on family trips as well, so that they can shower baby in the hotel without any fear of the baby slipping away in the lather or lugging around a bulky tub. It is also very versatile as it can be used as a normal baby sling as well for baby nursing, although we will not recommend this as your first baby sling - simply because a cotton baby sling will always feel more comfortable on a newborn's skin.

If you are new to baby slings, you can click here for Step by Step Baby Sling Usage Instructions and learn how to use a baby ring sling.
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Baby age & size Newborn to 15kg (Carrying for long periods beyond 30mins are not recommended for baby weighing more than 8kgs)
Maintenance & care Machine washable
Fabric 100% Polyester Athletic Mesh. Does not absorb much water. Extremely lightweight.
Wearer's size Fits most, up to 190cm (6' 4") and 90kg (200 lbs)
Features Benefits
M size fits most Fully adjustable to fit most persons, up to 190cm or 90kg. Sling tail may be longer for more petite persons but can be tucked away. Adjustable so sling can be used by more than one person.
Lightweight & compact Can be folded away when not in use and easy to bring anywhere
Secured using strong aluminium rings safety tested to more than 100kg (250 lbs) Does not rust and is durable enough for machine wash and wear. Very lightweight and does not add bulk to the baby sling
Versatile, with more than six natural carrying positions Greater comfortFlexible to meet you and baby's needs, helps in discreet breastfeeding even without nursing clothes. Can double up as baby's blanket when out and used to secure child to high chair when buckle is faulty
Water Mesh Baby Sling does not absorb water Perfect for use at the pool and showering baby at public bathrooms without tubs, so that baby does not slip. Sling is adjustable even when wet as fabric does not wear down, since it absorbs little (if any) water.
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