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TaylorMade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling

TaylorMade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling

Uniquely yours!
TaylorMade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling
Taylormade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling - LavenderTaylormade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling - Dusty RoseTaylormade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling - Sky Blue
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A premium baby sling, the TaylorMade Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling is suitable from birth to your baby's toddler years. Its soft 100% silk dupioni texture is soft and lightweight for most weathers. It is the perfect choice if you wish to have a unique baby sling, since each panel of the batik pocket is hand-crafted and therefore unique. No two panels are alike since they are hand-painted, except that each is a beautiful butterfly motif.

The rich colours on every Taylor Made Silk with Batik Pocket Baby Sling makes it a cut above most other baby slings. This luxurious baby sling or carrier is a most stylish option to carry your baby while making a statement. With this, baby nursing can also be stylish.

The strong but lightweight aluminum rings makes it a wonderful choice as a lightweight travel system when you need to bring your baby along during your travels.

If you are new to baby slings, you can click here for Step by Step Baby Sling Usage Instructions and learn how to use a baby ring sling.
Baby age & size Newborn to 15kg (Carrying for long periods beyond 30mins are not recommended for baby weighing more than 12kgs)
Maintenance & care Machine washable
Fabric 100% Silk Dupioni with hand-dyed 100% cotton batik panel
Wearer's size Fits most, up to 190cm (6' 4") and 90kg (200 lbs)
Features Benefits
M size fits most Fully adjustable to fit most persons, up to 190cm or 90kg. Sling tail may be longer for more petite persons but can be tucked away. Adjustable so sling can be used by more than one person
Lightweight & compact Can be folded away when not in use and easy to bring anywhere
Secured using strong aluminium rings safety tested to more than 100kg (250 lbs) Does not rust and is durable enough for machine wash and wear. Very lightweight and does not add bulk to the baby sling
Versatile, with more than six natural carrying positions Greater comfortFlexible to meet you and baby's needs, helps in discreet breastfeeding even without nursing clothes. Can double up as baby's blanket when out and used to secure child to high chair when buckle is faulty
Wide shoulder band & unpadded for ease of use Wraps & fits shoulder snugly for more even weight distribution and greater comfort. Unpadded for ease of use and maximum versatility
Lightweight silk dupioni, fabric keeps warm when weather is cold, and cool when weather is warm Easily one of the lightest and most practical everyday baby sling you can find on the market. Deep vibrant colours hides any light stains when needed and instanyl perks up your mood.
Hand-crafted batik panel pocket Each panel is uniquely hand-crafted with a butterfly motif, trimmed with gold edging. Holds all the small knick-knacks like baby diapers, wet-wipes and your keys, so you can be truly hands-free
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