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Pom Pom Baby Sock Shoes for Boys & Girls

First Shoes for Babies Learning How to Walk

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Many podiatrists believe that children should go barefoot in order to nourishes, strengthen, and promotes agility in children's growing feet, ankles, legs, knees, and even hips.

By letting the children go barefoot, their toes will grow straight and had greater ability to spread and push off while walking, greater flexor strength and denser muscles on the bottom of the feet, a wider range of hip movement and more flexibility of hamstring and gluteal muscles. Going barefoot will also reduce the risk of getting flat feet and actually believed to promote better posture.

Pom Pom Sock Shoes are created specially to be shoes for babies learning to walk in that give the feeling of walking barefoot while also give the protection of normal shoes.

Product Highlights

  • Compliant to CPSIA safety standard (USA)
  • 100% Nylon socks & TPR soles
  • UPF 50+ certified material that blocks over 98% of UV rays. Tested to be PVC Free.
  • Washable, quick dry. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Great also as water shoes for water sports & pool play.
  • Sizes: 5 (9-12 mo.), 6 (12-18 mo.), 7 (18-24mo.), 8 (24-30mo.)

*UPF: Ultraviolet Protection Factor.It is the scale used to measure how much UVB & UVA radiation is blocked and absorbed. A fabric with a rating of UPF 50 allows only 1/50th of sun rays to pass through i.e., blocks 98% of UVA & UVB.

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