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Personalized Babywearing Fitting Service

Personalized Babywearing Fitting Service

Personalized Babywearing Carrier Fitting Service at Baby Slings & CarriersA carrier fitting session allows a couple to bring their newborn/baby/toddler/pre-schooler get our help to fit a sling, wrap or carrier to their needs. The purpose is to find a solution most suited to both the adult and the child's needs.

What to Expect?

  1. Trying on of any baby carriers involves skill to properly choose and adjust one if you are unfamiliar, so a qualified babywearing consultant will be around to guide you during your paid fitting session. 
  2. Each fitting session is 1 hour per baby or pair of twins. You may have more than 1 caregiver fitted with the same baby.
  3. The Fitting service fee is S$20. For Priority Bookings, S$10 will be paid upon booking online and the balance to be paid before the fitting session. 
  4. Booking and fitting fees are non-refundable. However, if you purchase any regular-priced sling, wrap or carriers on the day of the fitting, the fitting fee is complimentary and a full redemption of $20 will be made against your purchase. 
  5. Changes to a booking is possible if made at least 1 day before your appointment time by our agreement in email or by phone, and your new appointment date/ time must fall within the next 2 weeks. Doing otherwise would risk classifying your booking as a no-show, which will entail forfeiting of your booking fee.

Who can benefit?

The Carrier Fitting Session is designed for anyone who wants to make an informed choice when choosing a baby sling, wrap or carrier to use with their child from birth to 5 years old or slightly beyond. You may belong to any of these categories:-

  • Expectant parents & New parents - it is ok if you have yet to master how to hold your babies. We will guide you.
  • Not so new parents who are keen to understand safe & ergonomic babywearing and get a baby carrier that fits properly to avoid ill-fitting carriers or user error.
  • More experienced babywearers who would like to look for additional babywearing options and getting an unbiased view.
  • Parents who did not have a pleasant experience with babywearing and would like to give another go
  • Parents with special needs kids*

*For parents belonging to this group, there is no need for you to book your fitting session online. Please just call us directly to make arrangements. Fitting service provided will be complimentary. 

Why should you get a Professional Fitting?

Buying a baby carrier can be an important decision. Your choice of baby sling, wrap or carrier can affect your babywearing success, you and your baby’s posture, as well as both your comfort. We offer a specially curated range of babywearing products and we know our carriers very well to be confident to say that we are able to help every family find the one that works for them in a safe and unbiased manner.
Benefits you can get from our professional fitting:

  1. Gain basic knowledge in selecting a safe and ergonomic carrier.
  2. Understand the different babywearing options and get advice on what may work best for your needs and body proportions.
  3. Learn the proper way to carry and position your baby for parents.
  4. Try on slings, wraps or carriers with baby under our professional guidance.
  5. To make an informed decision of which carrier is most suitable for you (our experts will help you eliminate confusing variables such as discomfort due to ill-fitting carriers)

Get priority by making an Appointment

Book a babywearing fitting session here

A personalized babywearing fitting is time-consuming and demanding and sometimes babies just need time to settle. As a result, there may sometimes be a slight waiting time when our resources are fully engaged. If you prefer to come in at a certain time slot for a personalized fitting session, we do offer priority booking by appointment. A priority booking ensures that you get priority over your booked time slot should we be overwhelmed with visitors.   

Not sure what time you will like to come by because it is difficult to plan with baby? No worries! We accept walk-ins during showroom opening hours (we accept our last fitting up to 5pm) and we seek your understanding should there be a short wait during busy periods. Priority over our resources will be given to customers who have made their bookings online.

How to make an appointment

We have limited slots for priority personalized babywearing fittings per showroom operating day. You can make an online booking for a fitting at our Carrier Fitting Booking page, to ensure you get a time slot that is suitable for you and your baby. A booking charge of $10 is payable during appointment booking (this constitutes half of the fitting fee of $20**). Only bookings that are paid for are confirmed. 

**Fitting charges are complimentary if you are making a purchase at the end of your session, by way of full redemption against your baby carrier purchase (excludes clearance items).

For more details on our Personalized Babywearing Fitting Service, you can also check out our Frequently Asked Question page.

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