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Patapum Carriers

Patapum is the Travel System for Outgoing Families!

Comfort for Both Baby & Adult

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When choosing a good baby carrier, many people tends to focus only at whether is it going to be comfortable for the baby being carried. This is of course of paramount importance, however, a good carrier should also take care of the adult using the carrier. The Patapum Baby and Toddler Carriers are designed to ensure comfort for both baby and the carrier even during extended use.

For the baby or toddler, the Patapum design hugs the baby or toddler snugly whether in a front carry or back carry position. The baby or toddler's weight is spread evenly on their buttocks and thighs just like in a natural sitting position. The high snugness factor ensures that they are comfortable even after being carried around for hours in the carriers. This is a distinct advantage over carriers that hangs the baby only by their crotch. Ouch! To see the danger of hanging babies by their crotch click here.

Patapum Sleeping Hood and CoGsBaby Carrier Weight Distribution Comparison

Another feature of the Patapum Carrier is the mesh sleeping hood which helps support the baby or toddler's head gently against the adult's body during those times your little one needs to take a nap. It is not only more comfortable but also safer. Allowing a sleeping child's head to wobble along without constrain can risk hurting the child's delicate neck/spine.

For the wearer, the Patapum ensures comfort in 2 ways.

Firstly, the weight of the baby is distributed mainly on your hips  instead of just hanging on your shoulders. This design uses the same principles as high end hiking backpacks that is designed to carry over 30kg. Try to imagine hanging 10kg weights from your shoulders vs. securing them on your hips and using your shoulders just as secondary support. Get the idea? Because the bulk of the load is on your hips and close to your Center of Gravity (CoG) which is around the pelvis area, it puts very little strain on your spine as a result.

As compared to carriers that only depend on the shoulder straps or even those that spreads the load over the upper back, they may look similar but they certainly feels very differently especially with a growing child. The extra padding on the ergonomic hip belt helps to spread and support the weight over your hip effectively. In most cases, you wouldn't even feel much pressure at all. You can check out the complete baby carrier weight distribution efficiency comparison here.

The other way that the Patapum Carrier design helps the wearer is to ensure stability through high snugness factor. This is possible by securing the baby or toddler's body very snugly against the body of the adult. This not only makes the baby or toddler feel more secure, it also moves the CoG of the child very close to that of the adult. The result is very much increased stability and mobility for the adult. Whether you are walking, running, climbing stairs, bending down, shopping, there would be less strain on your spine at all times.

The Patapum Baby & Toddler Carriers are designed so that babies & toddlers up to 18 kg can be carried in, it is also specially designed so that the wearer of the carrier can actually carry their babies up to that weight as comfortably as possible. The safety tested limits for the Patapum Baby and Toddler Carriers are 20kgs and 28kgs respectively.

Patapum uses UTX Stealth Buckles

Quality & Safety assured

Patapum Carriers are specially designed, manufactured and quality assured for rugged use. The stringent requirements extends to the materials and parts used.

One of the most crucial parts of a baby carrier is the connectors or buckles. These usually makes up the weakest point of any carrier. When a connector or buckle gives way or breaks where it is not expected to, serious injury to the baby can result.

At Patapum, only the best components are used. The buckles used are UTX-Flex Stealth Buckles. These buckles are designed for military use and have passed stringent strength, heat and burn resistance tests, making them one of the best on the market. Where your baby is concerned, would you settle for anything less? Certainly not.

Simple to Use, Portable and Easy to maintain

Patapum Carrier Compacted

If you have the ultimate baby carrier but you hate to bring it out because it is a hassle to use, it would defeat the whole purpose of having one.

Patapum Baby and Toddler Carriers are simple to use and are also elegantly designed to be compact and portable. They can be folded up into a waist pouch when not in used.

Moreover, when it gets dirty during your escapades, just throw it into the washing machine. The material dries quickly and you can be ready for your next trip in no time. Because it is so easy to bring along, you are likely to be bringing it with you whereever you go. Certainly beats carrying that stroller with you all the time.

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