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Our Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Ancient Wisdom in Mei Tai continues to fascinate

Catbirdbaby Mei tai Essential Sunset with babyCatbirdbaby Mei Tai with BabyMei Tais originated from Asia and it has long been used in China as a baby carrying tool. It is what parents in the old days keep their kids close to them while that continue to work in the fields.

Despite it's ancient history, Mei Tais continues to fascinate modern babywearers. Modern Mei Tais comes in a variety of shape and sizes with some built in with improved conveniences such as sleeping hoods and improved wrap around carrier panels. 

Simple to use

Compare to a baby wraps, the Mei Tais are a lot simpler for most people to manage. The carrier panel, belt straps, and shoulder straps are clearly definited. Essentially whether you are using it for a front carry position or a back carry position, you simply tied the waist straps up, put the baby in, pull the panel over the baby, secure the shoulder straps and you are good to go. As Mei Tais are usually made from soft fabric materials, they can easily mold around the child and provide a very comfortable support with even distribution of pressure and weight. 

Ergonomical by Design

Many people notice that modern soft structured ergonomic carriers look fairly similar to the Mei Tai in structure. This is not a surprise as the Mei Tai's structure is essentially ergonomical in nature. Majority of the baby's weight is supported using the waist belt, effectively moving the weight lower on babywearer's body, thereby greatly reduce any strain in the wearer's shoulders and lower back. 


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