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Manduca Baby Carriers - Limited Editions

Manduca Limited Edition Baby Carriers - Exclusively Yours

2012 Manduca Paradise Series 2012 Manduca GreyPattern Series 2011 Manduca SweetSoda 2011 Manduca JardinNuit 2011 Manduca Orange Dream 2011 Manduca Blue Memory 2011 Manduca Polka Green 2010 Manduca Bamboo Flame 2010 Manduca Moonlight 2010 Manduca Maple Leaf 2010 Manduca Summer Wave 2010 Manduca Blue Velvet 2010 Manduca Skyline Blue & Plum 2009 Manduca Herbal Garden Grey/Blue 2009 Manduca Jardin Noir 2009 Manduca Lucky Star 2009 Manduca Mellow Fellow 2009 Manduca Olive Blush
The Manduca Baby Carrier is one of few ergonomic soft structured baby carriers that is designed to cater to newborns as well as toddlers without the need for any complex or bulky add-ons. Elegantly designed to provide good neck support for infants that have yet gain neck control, its ergonomic structure also allows toddlers and pre-schoolers up to 20kg to be carried comfortably & painlessly.
Babywearers are also spoiled for options with the Manduca Baby Carrier allowing for front carry, back carry, side/hip carry plus the additional option to cross the shoulder straps for additional comfort. The extensible body panel allows the Manduca to be used with taller pre-schoolers easily up to 5 years old. The Manduca Baby Carrier is certainly one of the most versatile infant-baby-toddler ergonomic carrier in the market today.

The Manduca Limited Edition Baby Carriers are the same as the Manduca NewStyle Carrier in structure. The key differences are the exclusive color mix & embroidery used and that Manduca Limited Editions are made from 100% organic cotton.

Only a fix number of each limited edition are made & each Limited Edition Manduca bears a serial number that is unique to that piece.

If you are looking for a baby carrier to make a fashion statement, it has to be a Limited Edition Manduca.
DESIGN FOR Babies from Birth (min. 3.5kg), up to 20kgs (about 5 years old)
CARRYING POSITIONS Front Carry (inward facing), Hip Carry & Back Carry with option to cross the shoulder straps.
AVAILABLE CHOICES Exclusive Designs. Limited Quantity per design.
WHO CAN USE IT? Almost anyone with waist or hip size from 68.5cm (27 inch) to 140cm (55 inch). While most soft structured carriers have limits to support babywearers who are too petite or too tall, the Manduca is designed to cater to both.
Why CHOOSE THIS CARRIER Suitable for newborns & infant onwards to toddlers & pre-schoolers. Versatility. Ergonomics. 100% Certified Organic. One carrier to fit multiple kids and multiple babywearers. Exclusivity of Design.

What makes Manduca Baby Carriers - Limited Edition Special?

  • It has all the advantage of a Manduca Baby Carrier, plus an Exclusive Design that is limited.
  • 100% Organic cotton tested for pollutants
  • Infant Insert. Comes with integrated seat-reducing insert for newborn to ensure comfort for infants.
  • Extensible carrier panel to allow manduca baby carriers to be used with taller kids even up to 5 years old.
  • Particularly deep tucks in seat area for an orthopaedically appropriate ‘M’ (‘frog leg’) position that allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis and spine. This is distinctly different from baby carriers that hang babies by the crotch which can affect the baby's spinal development  
  • Anatomically shaped, conically formed waist belt for a perfect fit on the waist or hips, according to individual preference. This effectively distribute the weight of the baby over the hips and takes most of the weight off the shoulder straps. This allows the baby carrier to be used with toddler over 20 pounds with ease.  
  • Heavy-duty, military grade buckles prevent unexpected opening and ensures peace of mind. Additionally, 3-point safety buckle for the waist belt prevents accidental releasing of the buckles.
  • Each buckle is further secured with a Safety Elastic Band to hold the straps in place just in case the buckles are to come loose.
  • Two-way buckle fastenings on the waist belt and shoulder straps for ease of adjustments especially to cater to babywearer of different sizes.
  • All fastenings have padded parts underneath – no cutting into or rubbing against your skin or baby
  • Padded leg openings & neck support to give extra comfort for your newborns & babies
  • No padding in the main panel, to ensure support for baby mimicking that provided by a wrap carrier to allow baby to sit in a natural position which is most optimal to encourage healthy growth
  • Rugged, durable and easy to clean. Machine washable.
  • Light-weight & compact design makes it easy to bring on shopping trips & vacation.
  • Comes with Integrated head & neck support (Sleeping Hood) that can be folded away when not in use. Hood positionable using the adjustable band and button on the shoulder straps

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