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Kokadi Baby Wraps

Kokadi Wraps where Babywearing Meets Fashion

Kokadi Baby Wrap UrwaldvogelKokadi Baby Wrap Urwaldvogel
Kokadi Baby Wraps are produced in renowned Mills in Turkey. Orgnanic cotton is carefully harvested by hand to produce the highest quality yarn. The yarn is then dyed in the desired color following strict guidelines from the "Global Organic Texile Standards" or GOTS making the Kokadi fabric particularly kind to skin. saliva and sweat resistant. 

The Kokadi fabrics are created from the yarn using a complex weaving technique called the Jaquardtechnik. Each Kokadi wrap is designed to be diagonal elastic which allows them to adapt perfectly to the back of a baby. Before the fabrics are cut to size, they are heated mechanically which not just make the Kokadi wraps beautifully soft and cuddly but also less likely to shrink during subsequent washing.

Each Kokadi wrap has double-fringed selvage (self-finished edge) in order to reach a sufficient stability when worn. The center is marked on each wrap with a top and bottom Kokadi label. The width is 70 cm (≈ 27.5 in). This provides a secure grip even for older children. The long sides end in diagonal slants. This helps in knot tying. Each Kokadi wrap can support a weight of approximately 100 kg (≈ 220 lbs).

With the Kokadi wraps, you can carry your child from birth through the toddler years, on the front, hip or back. Every Kokadi wrap is recommended for use for newborn up to 35lbs(16kg).
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