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Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Baby Ring Slings

JPMBB Little Wrap without Knots

Sakura Bloom Premium Ring Slings made from pure Irish LinenJe Porte Mon Bebe Ring Sling Mango Fuchsia used by a manSakura Bloom Logo

Je Porte Mon Bebe or JPMBB from France, renowned for their innovative Hybrid Stretchy Baby Wrap once again dazzles the market by bringing to you the JPMBB Ring Sling or Little Wrap Without Knots.

While baby ring slings are not new, JPMBB Rings Slings are one of its kind. Utilizing a new fabric specially developed and made in Europe for babywearing, you now have a ring sling that is not just more comfortable but also easier to use and manage than traditional ring slings, and best of all, suitable for all climates.

Each JPMBB Ring Sling are made to be reversible using Oeko-Tex 100 certified dual layers of viscose, giving them the unique Je Porte Mon Bebe look. It can be 2 different looks for a single person or simply a different color for a different babywearer.

Apart from being super soft and light, the JPMBB Sling fabric also has an inherent stretch that allows the fabric to fit your shoulders perfectly every single time. This same fabric also molds around the baby's body similar to how a stretchy wrap does to a baby, providing optimal distribution of pressure and weight. As compared to a conventional woven cotton slings, the JPMBB needed much less material to have a proper adjustment on a baby. It is therefore a lot less bulky compared to most ring slings. The material is also glides easily through the double ring and almost impossible to tangle and "get stuck" in the rings. 

*Optional Add-On : A specially designed sling protective pad that covers the double ring mechanism, removing one of the key worries of new ring sling users that baby may get hurt themselves on the hard rings. This together with the special light weight stretchy material makes the JPMBB Ring Sling much easier to learn to use compared to conventional ring slings, making the JPMBB Ring Slings especially suited for 1st time parents. 

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