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FAQs on Baby Ring Slings

Commonly Asked Question regarding Baby Slings

1. Can I use baby slings to carry a premature baby or preemie?
2. I noticed the baby slings are made of different fabrics. What is the difference?
3. Can I use a baby sling if I had a caesarian section?
4. Can I carry my twins in a baby sling?
5. I notice that some slings have aluminium rings and some have nylon or plastic ones. Which is safer?
6. What is the difference between baby slings with aluminium rings and plastic rings? 
7. Is there any difference between baby pouches and baby ring slings?

Question 1: Can I use baby slings to carry a premature baby or preemie?

Answer: As with a newborn, all our baby ring slings including the Moms In Mind and TaylorMade brands can be used with a premature baby or preemie. Baby slings are great for being able to carry them against your body and provide skin to skin contact which is very beneficial for preemies.

Question 2: I noticed the baby slings are made of different fabrics. What is the difference?

Answer: There are basically three different fabrics used by the Moms In Mind Baby Slings - Cotton, Cotton Sateen, Silk. If you are a beginner, the cotton sateen is a good choice as it's smooth silky texture makes it easier to adjust and the cool fabric is a boon for baby in warm weathers. The cotton baby sling is durable and wears well, making it more and more comfortable as it ages. The natural fibres make it cool enough for summer while the thicker fabric makes it versatile enough for cooler temperatures without making it too stuffy for baby. The silk range of baby slings is great for both cool and warm weathers, and many mothers find it a great accessory when attending dressier events with baby.

The TaylorMade Slings available at our store includes the Batik slings, the Silk with Batik Pocket slings and the Water Mesh Slings. The TaylorMade Batik Slings are extremely lightweight and cooling as it is made of 100% hand-dyed cotton, making it extremely suitable for tropical weathers in Singapore. The deep and tropical colours are preferred by mothers who want slings with colours that age well and does not stain easily. The TaylorMade Silk with hand-painted Batik Pocket slings are great for warm to slightly cool climates due to its silk properties. This premium range is so dressy and screams so much attention, it also make a great gift for a dressy and elegant mother. 

TaylorMade Water Mesh Slings are perhaps the only water slings available in the market. Some people will find it an excellent sling to bring along when introducing baby to the pool or on beach holidays. The quick-dry fabric hardly absorbs water, making it great in the water or out so that you don't have to bring two baby slings for a beach getaway. Some mothers also find it a life-saver when bathing babies on holidays, as they could bathe together with the baby in the Water Mesh Sling without the soapy baby slipping off their hands and without baby's bathtubs.

Question 3: Can I use a baby sling if I had a caesarian section?

Answer: Most women who have a normal recovery from a c-section find that they can use a sling around 2-4 weeks after the operation. Please do however exercise caution by ensuring that you are carrying the baby high and snug so that it does not put any pressure on your scar or over-strain your body. Do consult your doctor if there are any concerns. If it's uncomfortable or painful you may wish to try again after a few more days.

Question 4: Can I carry my twins in a baby sling?

Answer: It is always preferred if you can share the load of carrying twins with your partner. If this is not possible, newborn twins can fit into one ring sling instead. Place one baby in the sling first using the cradle position and tighten till snug, loosen the sling just enough to fit the other newborn inside facing the first newborn. Then tighten until snug. You may wish to do this while sitting down. Otherwise you may find using two baby slings - one for each baby - to be more comfortable. In this case, you can criss-cross the slings so that each sling rests on one shoulder. This method can also be used with a toddler and a younger baby but it can be more demanding  physically and you should try not to carry them for too long once your babies are heavier to avoid straining yourself. However, it can be fun for short periods of time.

Question 5: I notice that some slings have aluminium rings and some have nylon or plastic ones. Which is safer?

Answer: All the baby ring slings retailed at Baby Slings & Carriers are safe for use as long as they are used within the guidelines set out by their manufacturers. However, please be vigilant and do not use any baby slings if you notice any defects. This applies for all baby slings and baby carriers available in the market.

The Moms in Minds nylon rings and the baby carrier system has been tested and approved by Singapore's Productivity and Standards Board (PSB) and the aluminium rings used by TaylorMade Slings have been stress-tested by an independent lab using ASTM standards up to more than 100kg (or 250 pounds). At Baby Slings & Carriers, we keep in constant contact with our suppliers and customers, so if for some reason there is any compromise of quality, we will withdraw the affected carriers and inform customers who have bought them. To date, there has never been any compromise of safety with the baby slings we retail due to the quality of our retailers. 

Question 6: What is the difference between baby slings with aluminium rings and plastic rings?

Answer: Excellent question! We did a little bit of research through sieving through piles of information and have in-house testers try out the different types of ring slings and generally came up with these conclusions. The "plastic" or nylon rings as they are better known, are made of resin and fully moulded so that it does not have any weak stress points which can cause them to break. The aluminium rings while lightweight have also been modified to be similar to the nylon rings in terms of strength and durability for wear. The aluminium rings used in the TaylorMade baby slings also do not have any joining thus no weak stress points that can cause easy breakage and have been stress-tested to carry weights beyond 100kg.

The difference between the two types of rings is basically their weight and it really depends on your individual preference of how you prefer it to look with your baby sling. To protect the rings when washing (so that it minimizes any chance of scratches,) do cover the rings with a sock before putting the sling into the washing machine.

Question 7: Is there any difference between baby pouches and baby ring slings?

Answer: Yes, there certainly are some key differences between the two products. Baby pouches are not adjustable but have various sizes available to choose from. Which size to use depends on the size of the baby as well as the babywearer. That means that you probably start with a smaller size baby pouch when your baby is small and need to "upgrade" once the baby outgrows the baby pouch. Using a larger pouch is possible but that would mean compromising on snugness factor. The advantages of the baby pouch is its minimalist design. It is slightly more compact than the baby ring sling because it does not use any rings and usually has less cloth compared to the baby sling.

The baby ring sling is designed to be one-size-fits-all. It is adjustable and therefore a single baby ring sling is able to cater to different size babies and babywearers at the time. Because it is adjustable, snugness factor can be assured regardless of the size of the baby or the baby wearer. The baby ring sling would be more economical and ergonomically more superior compared to the baby pouch.

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