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Welcome to Baby Slings and Carriers Testimonials page! Please feel free to browse through and find out what our customers have to say about us, our Baby Slings, Baby Carriers & Toddler Carriers. You may also want to check out the customer reviews on individual product but clicking directly on the products.

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 "As a new parent, I want only the best for my baby. Thank you Baby Slings and Carriers for helping me find the best way to bond with my baby."

~ May '08, Happy Mommy, Singapore 


 "I've purchased from babyslingsandcarriers.com with breeze. Contacted them via email, received reply immediately with offer of advices for making best choice. They really know their products well. After that we made appointment for delivery and product came as promised. Overall it was a great experience!"

~ Jun '08, Dwi Widyati, Singapore


"....(They are very) hands-on, knowledgeable and conscientiously helpful with introducing the different types of carriers and showing me how to use them. They were also honest with their feedback, a rare trait in business folk these days. And the best thing that came out of this entirely pleasant experience is that my son absolutely loves being carried in the Ellaroo Mei Hip carrier!"

~ Oct '08, Brenda Young, Mother of 13 month old toddler, Singapore

 "The owner Pearline is very friendly. Within few hours, she delivered the products that I ordered. And now I use my Patapum baby carrier everytime I bring my son out. Very satisfied with the products and service!!!"

~Nov '08, Caroline Prayogo, Singapore


"We are absolutely thrilled that we bought the sling from Pearline! In ten minutes, we learnt how to use it to help baby Luther latch on hands-free! Imagine walking around shopping while feeding the baby… Heavenly… And Pearline gives the undivided personal attention that all other business owners fail to deliver. Thank you Pearline." See Photo

~Jan '09, Perry & Shirley, parents of Baby Luther, Singapore

"I'm a mother of 4 and with every baby, I tried out new baby carriers with the purpose of finding the ideal one, both in terms of functionality and design. I've just bought the Ellaroo Mei Tai and am so glad I did! Not only does it look fashionable with a traditional touch, it handles my baby's weight well and I don't get shoulder and back pains like I did with my other carriers as my baby got heavier! Also like to thank Pearline for her excellent patience when addressing my queries. Thanks!." See Photo

~Mar '09, Hsiao-Wei, Singapore

"Hi, thank you for your patience and explanation when I was trying out the carriers just now. Glad that I got the Manduca. My son was so comfortable in it that he soon fell asleep. Thank you for the recommendation!"

~Oct '09, Darren Miin (Facebook), Singapore

"Thanks for taking the time to show me how to use the Sleepy Wrap. Went home and practiced the basic tie a couple of times and now Max loves being carried in it. I'm so glad I decided to get it. "

~Oct '09, Jillian, Singapore

"Thanks again for all your help and advice with our purchase. Seth and I are both enjoying the sling and I'm getting quicker at tying it!" See Photo

~Oct '09, Jess with Baby Seth, Singapore

"Hi, thank u for your excellent service! Hope to try my new Limited Edition Manduca Carrier which we just got from you yesterday evening!! Hope baby love it too :)"

~Nov '09, Sabaah Saif Mar'ie (Facebook), Singapore

"Love the Sleepy Wrap! At first, I was worried that at 17 months, she's too big & heavy for the wrap. But when I tried it with her, she looked really cosy and comforted...probably, it brought back the feeling of being in the womb:)! She had this beautiful look of contention and soon fell asleep when carried in the cradle position."

~Nov '09, Wong Hsiao Wei, Singapore

"Thanks for the Patapum baby carrier. It really is so handy (easy to use and easy to fold around the waist when not in use), so secure for the baby, and so convenient for me! I brought it to Mt Kinabalu national park and it was a breeze bringing my 5-month old to the cattle farm, tea plantation, fish massage, war memorial, national park and hot springs!! He seems to enjoy himself being carried in it, does not complain, and his daddy enjoys carrying him in it too! It's a great accessory and lets us be close to our baby and allow him to experience all that's around us! " See Photo

~Jan '10, Gloria Udarbe, Sabah, Malaysia

"Got the baby wrap and nursing cover for my wife....its a good and friendly service!...highly recommended! "

~Feb '10, Muhammad Suhaimi Musbah(Facebook)

"I just want to say how happy I am to learn of a babywearing store in Singapore! I've been buying my carriers (Sleepy Wrap, Kozy, etc) direct from US. I think it's great that you've given Singapore moms a better opportunity to wear their babies. I see so many strollers here but I'm already seeing more mamas wearing their bubs in the past year alone!"

~Feb '10, Peggy Lai, Singapore

"I would like to share my pleasure and satisfaction with Sleepy Wrap to carry Ernest at his full month celebration a month ago. He slept throughout the celebration and was oblivious to everything around him. I could also join in the party and enjoy my food without having to worry since both my hands are free. It was such a nice experience for both Ernest and me. Even now when I go to the shopping malls, Ern still enjoy 'hiding' in his Sleepy Wrap. Thanks!" See Photo

~Mar '10, Michelle Foo, Singapore

"The service at Baby Slings & Carriers is EXCELLENT. Managed to try on many different carriers and to hear about the pros and cons of each before deciding on the Patapum. It's really comfy for me and for Anya and I'm using it wherever we go!" See Photo

~Mar '10, Delphine Tan, Singapore

"Thanks for the recommendation! Love my manduca baby carrier! Such a convenient travelling tool unlike the pram. I managed miles of walking (no backache!) with my 11kg one year old comfortably tucked in! Thank God we started Noah early getting used to the carrier, it's such a life saver!!" See Photo

~Apr '10, Belinda Teo (Facebook), Singapore

"I loved the service I received from Pearline when I ordered two Sunday Afternoon sun hats for my son. I had a reply the very next day and she even found a cheaper way of getting my order to me, so I actually saved money! Fantastic!"

~May '10, Ashleigh MacKinnon, Australia

"I wanted to thank you for your help in selecting the Sleepy Wrap and Manduca carriers last weekend. Our daughter Lina really likes them both and the Sleepy Wrap has already reduced a lot of crying in the evenings :) The best buys, for sure!"

~May '10, Karolina Minda, Singapore

Comment about Manduca Baby Carrier: "My son was cranky and bawling; he managed to calm down very quickly after I put him into the carrier. The carrier provides very good support and really easy to use. Thanks!"

~May '10, Meg Tan (Facebook), Singapore

"The Manduca Baby Carrier was a great buy! It was really comfortable on our shoulders and backs and most importantly, the baby :) We were so glad we brought it along on our recent trip overseas. No strollers at all!" See Photo

~Jun '10, Norinna Izhar (Facebook), Singapore



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