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CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carriers

CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carriers ~ Buckle Tai's

Apriana Pikkolo Baby Carrier Cafe au Lait Pikkolo Baby Carrier Ginko Pikkolo Baby Carrier Metro Black Pikkolo Baby Carrier Pascale Pikkolo Baby Carrier
The CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier is among one of the least bulky ergonomic soft structured baby carrier in the market today.
Made from 100% brushed cotton canvas, the Pikkolo Carrier features unique memory foam shoulder straps that allow the carrier to mould to the shape of the babywearer the way no other structured carrier can.
The Pikkolo also one of the most flexible baby carrier available. It is designed to support from newborns to toddlers up to 18kgs in a variety of positions which includes front, side, back carry with the additional option available for backpack style or cross straps.
DESIGN FOR Newborns (min 3.5kg) up to 3 years old (up to 18kgs)
CARRYING POSITIONS Front Carry (inward & outward facing*), Side Carry & Back Carry
AVAILABLE CHOICES Apriana, Cafe au Lait, Metro Black, Annika, Whitney, Georgia & Pascale
WHO CAN USE IT? Tested to fit wearers between 4'10" and 6'2"
WHY CHOOSE THIS CARRIER Someone looking for  a extra-light weight structured carrier that is rich in features as well as ergonomics.

What makes CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carriers Special?

  • Light-weight & close to zero bulk. The Pikkolo Baby Carrier's Mei Tai like design wraps snugly over your body without adding much bulk like other structured carriers. The shoulder straps are filled with special deluxe memory foam (the same stuff found in expensive Tempurpedic mattresses) which is thin, yet incredibly cushy & shock-absorbent. As the foam becomes warmed by your body heat, it shapes itself to your shoulders for a glove-like fit.
  • Wide variety of carrying positions. Front carry facing in or facing out*, back carry as well as side carry. Shoulder straps can be worn either crossed or backpack-style (straight over each shoulder).
  • Adjustable carrier seat size. The Pikkolo Baby Carrier has a cinching mechanism on either side of the carrier body to narrow the carrier where the baby is seated. This enables the user to make the seat smaller to cater to smaller babies and newborns. With a smaller seat, the baby can also be placed in the front facing out position*.
  • All buckles are dual-adjustable for optimal fit and ease of adjustment. You can pull the straps from either side of the buckle, as well as change the location of the buckle itself.
  • Ergonomic waist belt design that wraps around the babywearer's waist to very effectively distribute the weight of the baby on the waist and away from the shoulders. Users can also choose to add-on an optional Ergonomic Hip Belt extension that will improve the Pikkolo's weight distribution capability. This is recommended for carrying babies above 12-13kgs.
  • Heavy-duty buckles prevent unexpected opening and ensures peace of mind
  • Baby's sitting position, with support for the thighs and back, allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis and spine. This is distinctly different from baby carriers that hang babies by the crotch which can affect the baby's spinal development
  • Easy to wear & adjustable using buckles to cater to different wearer & baby size.
  • Machine washable. Easy to clean & maintain.
  • Detachable sleeping hood keeps baby safe in the carrier when they fall asleep

* Although the front carry outward facing position is possible with the Pikkolo Baby Carrier, it is recommended that this position be limited to babies below 8kgs & used sparingly for short periods of time only. Smaller carrier seat will translate into higher pressure that can unnecessarily strain your baby's spine. This position will also result in strain to the adult's back due to the baby's center of gravity being further away from your body. Another area of concern is that when a baby is put in the forward facing position, you baby is deprived from looking at you. This will limit the baby's ability to seek comfort & learn from you. The alternative & recommended position to the front facing carrying position is the side carry position which is ergonomic & allows babies to have a good view, at the same time, the choice to look at the parent at all times.  

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