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Baby Carriers for Baby Nursing

Best Baby Carriers for Baby Nursing & Breastfeeding

Baby Nursing using a Sleepy Wrap while on the move discreetlyBreastfeeding and baby nursing is one of the most beautiful bonding acts between a mother and her baby. Besides numerous benefits for your baby's development, breastfeeding also benefits the mother in more than one way.

Because of these many values of breastfeeding for both mothers and their babies, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) both recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life and then supplemented breastfeeding for at least one year and up to two years or more.

In order to do that and ensure that a child gets the most out of breastfeeding, it would be necessary to be close to the baby at all times especially when they are less than 6 months old. Babywearing is a logical choice for mothers to achieve this.

A good baby carrier for baby nursing should allow the mother to keep her child close to her and help hold the child in position for the mother to breastfeed the child while she is on the move. The right carrier should also be able to provide sufficient coverage for the mother to allow her to discreetly breastfeed her child in public. All these would make life a lot easier for the breastfeeding mother who would otherwise be confined to home and tired out just holding her child in position while they feed.

For newborns onwards, the best baby carriers for baby nursing would be the baby ring slings or the baby wraps. Both the ring sling and the baby wrap are suitable for use from newborn onwards and are also versatile when it comes to repositioning of babies for breastfeeding. The ring slings and baby wraps also provide the best coverage to faciliate discreet breastfeeding on the go.

Alternatively, if for any reasons that the baby ring slings and the baby wraps are not preferred, mothers can also choose to use at nursing cover to provide coverage. The breastfeeding mother can use the nursing cover with any baby carrier of their choice even if the baby carrier does not provide much coverage.

Baby Ring SlingsBaby Ring SlingsBaby ring slings are one of the most versatile baby carriers available on the market. Suitable from newborn onwards, they are most suited for nursing babies and breastfeeding mothers as it facilitates discreet breastfeeding. Fashioned after the Indonesian Selendang, it is made simply from a stretch of cloth (material range from cotton, cotton blends, silk, linen, linen blends to synthetic mesh) and a pair of rings made from nylon or metal.
Baby Wrap CarriersBaby Wrap CarriersThe Baby Wrap carrier is one of the few traditional baby carriers that has survive generations without much alteration to it's original design. Simple as it is, it provides many advantages that pale many modern baby carriers in the market today. It is no wonder that many modern parents have taken to the use of this traditional baby carrier and sworn by it.
Baby Nursing CoversBaby Nursing CoversNursing Covers are one of the simplest tools in helping a new breastfeeding mother breastfeed successfully. A well-designed nursing cover helps a new mother continue her active lifestyle as she breastfeeds her newborn discreetly, on the go. Now, you don't have to sacrifice modesty or ergonomics of a good carrier for breastfeeding.
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