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Buds Organics Baby Care Products for Babies

The World's Largest Line of certified Organic Baby Care

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Buds Organics is a comprehensive and certified organic range of baby care, formulated with certified organic, mild and safe ingredients to suit the special needs of your baby's skin. Brimming with hydrating plant extracts and butters, Buds Organics will care for your baby's skin and keep it soft, supple and healthy.

Each and every item is designed to protect against pollutants, environmental hazards and bacteria. The entire range also works to improve baby's skin's inherent healing abilities and protective barrier, ultimately making for a happier and healthier baby. Enhanced with synergistically blended essential oils, Buds Organics delights the senses, soothes the soul and pampers your baby with the essence of nature.

Key Highlights of the Buds Organic Baby Care Products

  • Potent yet Extremely Gentle ~ Special effort has been put in to handpick a selection of the most effective organic and natural ingredients for Cherished Organics to care for baby's delicate yet exquisite skin. Buds Organic Baby Care products are packed with gorgeous organic ingredients like EFA rich Amazonian Inca Inchi, which protects, heals and nourishes and the luscious emollients, Sunflower and Jojoba oils and Shea Butter. Aside from the washes, all products are over 88% organic which far surpasses ECOCERT's minimum requirements of 10%.
  • Preservative free ~ Preservatives are included to control bacteria and fungi but they can also have an adverse effect on our skins, and baby's in particular. Some companies have evaded these preservatives by using plant derived alcohol which is very drying to baby’s skin. Buds Cherished Organics, being above and beyond the par, has opted instead for a totally preservative free approach, relying instead on intelligent pairings of ingredients which serve to preserve each other.
  • Certified Organic by ECOCERT ~ The entire range and manufacturing process has been inspected, approved and certified organic by ECOCERT, one of the most highly regarded certifying boards. ECOCERT's esteemed international reputation stems from its long history of impartiality, objectivity and a wealth of experience in upholding ethics and promoting organic products. This coveted certification is granted only to those sufficiently devoted to attaining organic status.
  • Environmentally friendly Packaging ~ Every effort is made to ensure minimum damage to the environment. Post consumer recycled paper is used where possible and products are boxed only where necessary. All plastic used are recyclable and both sides of every sheet of paper are used because even the smallest steps can make a difference!

Buds Organics for Infants (0 to 3 months)Buds Organics for Infants (0 to 3 months)Everyday Organics for Infants is formulated with special attention to your newborn's special needs. Infants skin is extremely delicate and immature and these wonderful products have extremely gentle cleansing, deep nourishment and simple scents to help protect it and aid its development.
Buds Organics for Everyday Baby Care (3 months+)Buds Organics for Everyday Baby Care (3 months+)Buds Organics for Everyday use is gentle enough for newborns but ideal for babies three months up. These bundles of joy need a little more thorough cleansing, nourishment for rapidly growing skin and protection against germs, bacteria and environmental pollutants that they may encounter as they become mobile.
Buds Oralcare Organics for Babies & Kids (0 - 3 years old)Buds Oralcare Organics for Babies & Kids (0 - 3 years old)

Buds for Baby & Kids Toothpaste and Oral Gel are formulated using natural ingredients and plant actives to sooth babies gums and protect newly formed teeth gently.They are also Fluoride free and safe if swallowed, containing natural flavours & essential oils. Suitable for use with babies from birth to 3 years old.

Buds Organics for Nappy Time CareBuds Organics for Nappy Time CareEveryday Organics for Nappy Time is unique and innovative. Suitable from birth up, this range comprises of Buds Everyday Organics Nappy Time Change Cream to create a protective barrier each nappy change. The pioneering Buds Everyday Organics Nappy Time Rinse Free Cleanser negates the need for carrying heavy and bulky wet wipes.
Buds Organics for Outdoor Baby CareBuds Organics for Outdoor Baby Care

Buds Outdoor Organics is created to cater to the needs of your baby while she is living live to the fullest; playing in the park, going to the beach or taking in a winter's day. Clever combinations of organic ingredients result in a range that will let you and baby play outside, safe and worry free.

Buds Organics for Eczema & Severe Dry Skin TreatmentBuds Organics for Eczema & Severe Dry Skin Treatment

Babies with eczema need extremely gentle cleansing and deep moisturisation. The latest research has also shown prebiotics to be valuable to the management of eczema. Wash baby with Buds Soothing Organics Super Soothing Hydrating Cleanser then moisturise and protect with the Super Soothing Rescue Lotion, and look forward to a happier, more comfortable baby.

Buds Organics for Nappy Rash TreatmentBuds Organics for Nappy Rash Treatment

Diaper rash or Nappy rash is most common in babies who are teething, being introduced to solids or being weaned from breast to formula. The Buds Soothing Organics Diaper Rash barrier cream soothes and heals sore bottoms. It's also suitable for babies who are prone to diaper rash even when external factors have been accounted for.

Buds Organics for First Aid TreatmentsBuds Organics for First Aid Treatments

As your baby grows, it is common to have an occasional bum and scratch. All part an parcel of growing up. The Buds Save Your Skin Lotion aka. First Aid Lotion is little gem has a place in every handbag, baby bag and natural first aid kit. Its handy size and great formulation make it a versatile option for insect bites, cuts, scrapes and minor burns. 

Buds Growing Up Organics for Kids (3 years & above)Buds Growing Up Organics for Kids (3 years & above)

Buds Growing Up Organics for Kids is a range of toiletries created just for the environmentally aware kids of today. It consists of Organic shower gel, shampoo as well as conditioner. Suitable for kids 3 years and above.

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