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Boba Babywearing Accessories
Boba accessories are designed to complement your Boba carriers and enhance your babywearing journey. Like the Boba Wraps & Carriers, Boba accessories are designed and made with the same high quality and commitment to improve the lives of parents and babies. 
Boba Teething PadsBoba Teething PadsThe Boba Organic Teething Pads are made to snap around the shoulder strap of your Boba Baby Carrier. The teething pads are 100% Organic Cotton, reversible and free of potentially-dangerous chemicals and dyes. They’re completely safe for babies who want to chew everything in sight – particularly your Boba Carrier. These are often times called sucking pads or drool pads.
Boba Carrier Stuff SackBoba Carrier Stuff SackThe Boba Carrier Stuff Sack is designed to hold and protect your Boba Baby Carrier when not in use. It is made of 100% cotton and beautifully matches your Boba Carrier. Simply roll up your carrier and tuck it inside!
Boba All Seasons Babywearing VestsBoba All Seasons Babywearing VestsThe Boba All Seasons Babywearing Vest can keep you warm in any season. Made of super soft, stretchy fleece in black or gray color, this sleeveless style is designed to fit comfortably over your favorite soft structured carrier to keep you and baby warm wherever you go. Suitable for front or back babywearing.
Boba Stylish Babywearing HoodiesBoba Stylish Babywearing HoodiesIdeal for slightly chillier temperatures (about 7 to 18 degree celsius), the fun & functional Boba Hoodie is just like your favorite sweatshirt, but built to accommodate company (on the front or back). This go-anywhere garment is soft, stylish and fits over your favorite soft structuered carrier or wrap with ease. 
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