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Boba 3G Classic Baby Carrier - Montenegro/ Black (Clearance)

Boba 3G Classic Baby Carrier - Montenegro/ Black (Clearance)

Boba 3G Classic Baby Carrier - Montenegro/ Black (Clearance)
Boba 3G Black baby carrier with a smaller babyPatent Pending Boba Carrier foot straps & concealed side zip pocket on hip beltBoba Carrier foot straps in actionUsing Boba 3G carrier in newborn configurationBoba 3G carrier detachable & adjustable sleeping hood in use with newbornBoba 3G special snaps on shoulder straps for keeping sling bags straps from slipping off the shoulder
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Boba Baby Carrier LogoThe Boba 3G Classic Montenegro Baby Carrier is a soft structured newborn, baby & toddler carrier brought to you by the creators of the Boba Wraps, formerly known as the Sleepy Wraps.

With a carrier panel that is taller and broader than most other baby carriers, the Boba 3G Baby Carrier with a weight limit of 20kg can be used to easily carry your 3 to 4 years old child. The unique patent pending Boba Baby Carrier foot straps enable a healthy sitting position even for taller children.

While its predecessor, the Boba 2G carrier is a toddler Carrier meant for toddlers only, the Boba 3G Carrier can be configured to support your newborn from 3.5kg onwards with no add-ons required.

The Boba 3G Classic Montenegro Baby Carrier features black shoulder straps & panel. The carrier panel, straps & batting are made with 100% cotton, making the Boba 3G Carrier extremely comfortable to wear & be worn. A simple yet classy baby carrier.

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*Special Note: Boba 3G Carriers on clearance are still entitled to 1 year warranty on manufacturing defects but will not be issued with babywearer's privilege cards.

Baby age & size newborn to about 4 years old (min 3.5kg, max 20kg)
Maintenance & care Machine wash with mild detergent on gentle cycle. No bleach or tumble dry.
Fabric & Materials 100% Cotton
Color Entirely Black
Wearer's size Waist from about 25" (63.5cm) to 58" (147cm). Comfortably fits heights from about 5’0” (152cm) to 6’3” (190cm)
Features Benefits
Configurable for infant support Can be used with newborn as well as older kids without need for purchasing any add-ons.
Free size with adjustable waist belts & buckles Fits waist sizes 25" to 58" inches. Height from 5’0” to 6’3”. So the same carrier can be used by more than one person.
Lightweight & compact Weighs only about 2.2lbs & easily folded away when not in use and easy to bring along anywhere. One of the best newborn, baby, toddler travel system.
Baby is held close to wearer's centre of gravity and weight is distributed on the hips and across two shoulders This allows for natural movement while walking and working. Which is especially useful for carrying for longer periods of time or for wearers who have back problems.
Ergonomic Hip belt that is not Bulky The ergonomic hip belt design effectively distributes most of the weight on the hips and away from the shoulders.
Simple and stylish design Earthy tones suitable for use by both Moms and Dads.
Wider & Longer body panel that tapers towards the webbing More effectively wrap around a child's back for better spinal support & comfort.
Provides ergonomic structure The Boba Baby Carrier puts baby & toddlers in a natural sitting 'M' postion with support for the thighs and back. This allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis & spine.
Multiple Carrying Positions Can be used for front carry or backpack carry positions.
Panel, straps & Batting made with 100% cotton Natural fibre makes the Boba carrier breathable and comfortable for both babywearer and the child
Patent Pending Carrier Leg Straps Allow toddler above 2 years old to maintain the 'M' sitting position in the Boba Carrier. Improved comfort & ergonomics for older toddlers.
Detachable & adjustable Sleeping Hood Help keep toddler head in place when they fall asleep
Elastic bands neatly roll up straps Keep straps neatly rolled up especially for smaller sized adults
Bag strap holder on shoulder straps Help keeps sling bag & diaper bags straps from slipping off your shoulders
3 built-in pockets (zip pocket in front of hip belt, zip pocket in front of panel, open pocket on hip belt) Great for on the go storage for small items like cash, mobile phones, pacifiers, keys etc.
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