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Beco Toddler Carrier Arrow

Beco Toddler Carrier Arrow

Beco Toddler Carrier Arrow
Beco Toddler Carrier ArrowLady using a Beco Toddler Carrier Arrow in front carry position
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The Beco Toddler Carrier offers a generously wide darted seat and tall supportive back especially for big kids 18 months and beyond. Recommended for toddler weighing 9 to 27kg, the Beco Toddler Carrier is one of the largest toddler carrier in the market. 

The Arrow Beco Toddler Carrier is made from 100% cotton that provides natural moisture wicking property which makes this carrier suitable for use in warm humid weather. 

Every Beco Toddler carrier come with built-in waist belt pocket and toy ring and included in the package is a snap on hood and a zipper clutch bag that can be buttoned onto the top of the carrier panel.

A most ideal babywearing solution if you are looking for a big kid carrier that is fashionable, ergonomic, easy to use & can be used for your no longer small babies.

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Baby age & size 18 months to 6 years old (min 9kg, max 27kg)
Maintenance & care Machine washable
Fabric 100% cotton
Color Grey straps and hip belt with carrier panel filled with white arrow motifs on black background
Wearer's size Waist of up to about 63 inches
Package also includes Snap on sleeping hood & button on zipper clutch bag
Features Benefits
Free size with adjustable waist belts & buckles Fits waist sizes up to 53 inches so the same carrier can be used by more than one person.
3 point release buckles Increased security
Generously wide seat Allow older, bigger kids to have a more comfortable seat in the carrier
Child is held close to wearer's centre of gravity and weight is distributed on the hips and across two shoulders This allows for natural movement while walking and working. The ergonomic hip belt design effectively distributes most of the weight on the hips and away from the shoulders. Which is especially useful for carrying for longer periods of time or for wearers who have back problems.
100% Cotton Moisture wicking and durability
Secured with heavy duty buckles & wide, well padded shoulder straps Peace of mind when carrying baby. Easy to use buckle and go system.
Provides structure Structured carriers puts baby in a natural sitting postion with support for the thighs and back. This allows for healthy growth of the hips, pelvis & spine.
3 Carrying Positions Can be carried front, back or side/hip depending on preference. The shoulder straps can also be crossed behind your back for more optimal pressure distribution.
In-built waist pocket & button on clutch bag Convenient to store small items such as mobile phones, keys and toys.
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