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Babywearing Accessories

Accessories that complete your Babywearing Experience

Babywearing is not only essential to building a baby's confidence, it also makes life for a new parent a lot easier ... and lighter for the babywearer. For many, getting used to babywearing means traveling light without a stroller or other travel systems. To make your babywearing experience even easier, we have a sourced and put together a range of babywearing accessories to complement your babywearing lifestyle. Many are not just useful but also trendy.

Our wide range of arms and leg warmers are easy to put in your purse and comes in handy in an air-conditioned mall where baby or toddlers may feel cold or just to protect bare arms and legs from mozzie bites when you are taking a stroll in the park. Very stretchy, it can also be used on a babywearer's arms when it gets too cold in a shopping mall.

Trendy nursing covers provide a simple yet practical solution to breastfeed your baby discreetly while on the go.

Fumbee Carrier Strap ProtectorsFumbee Carrier Strap ProtectorsFumbee is a versatile strap protector for baby carrying and traveling devices. Made of 100% organic cotton, tested for pollutants, the Fumbees has a lovely fluffy feel, looks fabulous and are also safe for babies to chew on. Fumbee makes the ideal sucking pads/drool pads and comforting cuddle cloth for your babies. It's ingenious design allows the Fumbees to be used not just for baby carriers but also for any strap/belt/harness systems, be it car seat, baby strollers or baby chairs.
Boba Teething PadsBoba Teething PadsThe Boba Organic Teething Pads are made to snap around the shoulder strap of your Boba Baby Carrier. The teething pads are 100% Organic Cotton, reversible and free of potentially-dangerous chemicals and dyes. They’re completely safe for babies who want to chew everything in sight – particularly your Boba Carrier. These are often times called sucking pads or drool pads.
Boba Carrier Stuff SackBoba Carrier Stuff SackThe Boba Carrier Stuff Sack is designed to hold and protect your Boba Baby Carrier when not in use. It is made of 100% cotton and beautifully matches your Boba Carrier. Simply roll up your carrier and tuck it inside!
Tula Free to Grow Carrier ExtendersTula Free to Grow Carrier ExtendersFree to Grow is special carrier extender for use with selected ergonomic baby carrier to extend the use of the carrier by widening the sitting area. The wider seat provides more support and comfort for an older or taller child's thighs while they are inside the carriers. It can be used with Tula Baby or Toddler carriers.
Aluminium Sling RingsAluminium Sling RingsThese are aluminium Sling Rings specially designed for used in babywearing. All sling rings are made in the USA where each production batch are subjected to stringent tests to ensure the quality of the rings. All rings are tested to with stand 250lbs pull and are certified to be free from heavy metal  and other toxins. 
Babywearing Rain, Cold & Winter WearBabywearing Rain, Cold & Winter WearBabywearing rain, cold and winter wear are designed specially for use while you are using your favorite baby carrier. When the weather turns wet or cold, instead of wearing cold wear for yourself and your child individually which can be pretty bulky, you now have the choice to wear your cold wear together with your child. Our collection includes lighter weight fleece vest for slightly chilly times as well as more protective winter jackets.
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