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Baby Carrier Usage Instructions

Online instructions on how to use our Baby Carriers

It is important to choose the right baby carrier for your baby and it is as important to learn to use a baby carrier in the correct manner. Baby ring slings are the most versatile form of baby carriers, with the flexibility also mean it take more effort to learn how to use them properly. Modern baby carriers such as the Patapum Carriers & Ellaroo Mei Hip and Mei Tai Carriers are more straight forward to use in comparison. Irregardless of the complexity and learning curve, it is important to learn to properly use each type of baby carriers to ensure comfort and safety for both the baby and the parent. Whether you have purchased a baby carrier already or are still looking for the best baby carrier for your baby, we would encourage you to check out our online baby carriers usage instructions here to learn the proper way to use the baby carriers.

Success with any baby carrier takes a little practice especially if this is your first time. If you are having trouble with your little one, try this. Making sure that baby is fed, rested, and happy before you attempt any new baby carrier the first few times. All babies naturally love to be hugged. Have fun and enjoy the bonding!

Baby Ring Sling InstructionsBaby Ring Sling InstructionsBaby Ring Slings are the most versatile form of baby carriers. Proper usage is important to ensure comfort for both the baby and the parent. Baby Slings and Carriers online baby ring sling usage instructions will help you learn how to prepare your baby ring sling before use. We will also show you how to carry your baby using 6 different carrying positions including the Reclining Cradle Hold, Cradle Hold, Snuggle Hold, Kangaroo Carry, Hip Carry and Piggy Back.
Boba Wrap Carrier InstructionsBoba Wrap Carrier InstructionsThe Boba Wrap Baby Wrap is designed with just the right amount of elasticity, conforming perfectly to your body with no need for constant readjusting unlike less elastic baby wraps. When using the Boba Wrap to carry your newborn, toddler or even a preemie, the closeness and lull of your heartbeat with settle and calm your baby. This Boba Wrap instructions contains video demonstrations on how to put on a Boba Wrap as well as how to use it with a newborn.
Manduca Baby Carrier InstructionsManduca Baby Carrier InstructionsThe Manduca Baby Carrier is one of best designed ergonomic soft structured baby carrier in the market today. The Manduca is built to provide optimal support from newborns and infants onwards to toddlers weighing up to 20kg. The purpose of this instruction is to help you understand how to use the Manduca Baby Carrier or gain a better understanding of the various features of a Manduca Baby Carrier.
CatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier Usage InstructionsCatBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier Usage InstructionsThe CarBirdBaby Pikkolo Baby Carrier is a Mei Tai inspired modern soft structured carrier with the convenience of buckle closures. This highly versatile baby carrier can be used for back carry, hip carry, inward facing front carry as well as outward facing front carry positions. It may sound intimidating but it is really very easy to master. Follow the online step by step instructions here to master each of the different positions with the Pikkolo Baby Carrier, the smartest carrier of all!
Patapum Carriers Usage InstructionsPatapum Carriers Usage InstructionsThe Patapum Baby & Toddler Carriers are the best in class for weight distribution efficiency among baby carriers. They are most ideal when you need to carry your baby or toddler for extended periods of times. Most people would have little problem figuring out how to use the carriers by themselves. Nevertheless, we have provided here some basic techniques how to use your Patapum Carriers.
Ellaroo Mei Hip Usage instructionsEllaroo Mei Hip Usage instructionsThe Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier is probably one of the simplest and easiest to use baby carrier available in the market. The comprehensive instruction here covers how to thread the Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carriers' buckles properly, how to reverse the Ellaroo Mei Hip for use in the Leftie position and how to do a hip carry using the Ellaroo Mei Hip Baby Carrier. Just follow the simple step by step guide and you will be ready in no time.
Ellaroo Mei Tai Usage InstructionsEllaroo Mei Tai Usage InstructionsThe Ellaroo Mei Tai baby carrier combines the flexibility of traditional Asian carriers with the advanced weight distribution quality of modern soft structured baby carriers. There are primarily 3 carrying positions you can use the Mei Tai carrier for. The front carry, the back carry and the hip carry. We have provided here, step by step instructions on how to use the Ellaroo Mei Tai baby carrier for the front carry and the back carry.
JPMBB Original Wrap Carrier InstructionsJPMBB Original Wrap Carrier InstructionsThe Je Porte Mon Bebe (better known as JPMBB) Original premium stretchy wraps from France are one of its kind in the world. Conceived and perceived as a hybrid between a woven and a stretchy wrap, the JPMBB Original wrap inherits both the best properties of the 2 distinct type of wraps. This JPMBB Original Wrap instruction contains video demonstrations on how to use the JPMBB Original Wrap in various carrying positions.
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