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Baby Carriers & Babywearing Winter Jackets Rental

Rental ~ Baby Slings, Wraps, Carriers & Babywearing Jackets

Welcome to our Baby Slings & Carriers Rental Corner!

For the convenience of our customers, we provide this rental service for a specially selected range of baby slings, wraps, soft structured baby and toddler carriers as well as premium babywearing winter jackets that can be used during pregancy as well as when you are carrying your child in a carrier.

You can browse from this page the products listed for rental and how can you go about renting them. However, please take note that direct online rental is not available at the moment. So, while you can read about the products here, you need to send in your rental request separately via email to check for actual rental units availability and to do a booking. The colors of the slings, wraps & carriers, sizes for jackets are for illustration purpose only, actual rental units can vary and will depend on availability.

We look forward to hear from you and be our service to you.

For any enquiries on rental and availability, please email us at rentals@babyslingsandcarriers.com.

Beco Toddler Carrier Plus OneBeco Toddler Carrier Plus One
Tula Toddler Carrier Little BlueTula Toddler Carrier Little Blue

How Does Our Rental Library Work? 

  1. Look through our list of items available for rental, and then email us at Rentals@BabySlingsAndCarriers.com or send us a private message (PM) at our FaceBook page with the dates and duration you are looking at. Generally we need an advance booking of a minimum of 5 days to ensure a smooth rental process and for you to receive your rental item in time. For urgent rentals, please contact us anyway to see if it is something we can arrange. We reserve the right to decline a booking in the event that the item is unavailable. 
  2. Once we confirm the rental dates, we will send you a rental advice with the amount to pay. You need to pay just a rental deposit equivalent to the retail value of the item. 
  3. We will courier the item(s) to you at least 1 day before the start of your loan period. If you receive it early, the extra day(s) of rental is on us and you will not be charged any additional fees. 
  4. Rental charges (as spelt out under Rental Charges below) and a flat courier fee of S$5 is chargable to you, and will be deducted off your deposit when the loaned items have been returned in the same condition as it had been rented out to you. 
  5. At the end of the rental period, you will incur cost of courier in sending back the item to our rental library address that will be provided to you at the time you receive your loaned item. You need to show courier proof of the date of returning the items to us with a proper tracking number so as not to incur additional extension charges. The last day of the rental period is the day you should send out the loaned item(s). Extension charges (as below under Rental Charges) may apply if you courier out the loaned item(s) after the last day of the rental period. 
  6. If the item is damaged upon return, you are liable for fair damage costs (to be determined solely by us), and up to 90% of the retail value of the loaned item. 
  7. We will deduct all fees payable (including rental, courier, late fees & any damages) and return the balance of your rental deposit via the payment method you have used within 5 week days after we receive the returned items. 

Rental Charges

  • For Soft Structured Baby/Toddler Carriers including hybrid carriers, rental charges are:-
    • S$30 for 1 week
    • $50 for 2 weeks 
    • Every 3-days extension S$20.
  • For Baby Ring Slings & Wraps, rental charges are:-
    • S$25 for 1 week
    • S$45 for 2 weeks
    • Every 3-days extension S$20.
  • For Babywearing Winter Jackets, rental charges are
    • S$50 for 1 week
    • $80 for 2 weeks
    • Every 3-days extension will cost S$30.
  • No additional charges for newborn accessories. For newborn accessories such as the Manduca Ellipse & Size-It or JPMBB Booster & Neck Pillow will be provided at no extra charge, we generally provide free rental although a rental deposit must be placed with us for loan. We do not loan accessories out by themselves, and they can only be loaned if you are renting a compatible carrier. 
  • You are liable for courier charges unless there we had agreed to a special arrangement for collection. 

Delivery/ Courier & Collection

Self collect option is currently unavailable as currently our rental library is housed off-site. All rentals will be delivered by 3rd party courier. All courier to you will be charged at a flat & subsidised rate of S$5 per package by our choice of a 3rd party courier. You are responsible for the courier fees on return. We just need you to show proof that it was collected by the courier on the last day of your rental period in order not to incur any late charges. 

Payment Mode

We accept payment by bank transfer or Paypal. Payment must be received at least 2 days before we can start the rental, as we need 1 day for courier clearance. This will also be the mode of return of the remaining rental deposit. No cash please.

S$10 rebate at Baby Slings & Carriers within 3 months

Show your rental invoice at our showroom within 3 months from the start of your rental date to receive S$10 off on your purchase in a single receipt above S$50. This discount is valid only at our physical showroom. 

Hygiene & Cleaning

We ask that you care for the loaned items as you will care for your own belongings, for the benefit of others or your own future rental. It is not necessary for you to wash the loaned items during the loan period. We will take care of all cleaning and you will receive a clean item. However, please do spot clean any food or baby's stains by using a damp cloth and wiping off all stains as soon as they have occurred, and contacting us early so that we can work together to remedy it.  

Safety & Responsibility

Our responsibility is to ensure you receive an item on loan that is functional and in a clean condition. You are responsible for the safety of yourself and your baby when using the loaned items, and absolve our Company from all responsibilities pertaining to your usage. If you have any questions, please ask all questions by emailing rental@BabySlingsAndCarriers.com before making a reservation for rental.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1) Who is this rental service for? 

For those who need to try out a baby sling, baby wrap or baby carrier for a longer period of time or need a specific carrier for a short period of time. This service is also useful for those who are travelling to colder climates, want a good winter jacket that really works but yet find it too expensive a buy for a single trip. We provide rental services for the listed items here on a first-come-first-served basis for a minimum of 1 week (7 days) and a maximum of 2 weeks per rental. 

This Rental Library service is NOT for: 

People who want to use any of our rental library items on pets, nor are they suitable for those who are looking to rent something brand new. If your purpose is solely to get a proper fitting carrier for yourself and baby, we suggest that you consider engaging our fitting service instead as our showroom have trained and experienced ambassadors who are better able to help you narrow down your choices, resulting in lower costs for you.

2) Why Rent From Baby Slings & Carriers? 

  1. As a Babywearing Specialist since 2007, we are a reputable babywearing products retailer and you can trust that our rental items come from a authentic source (that means you have no risk of getting a dud). 
  2. Special care is taken to ensure our rental items are as clean as what we ourselves will be comfortable using. 
  3. We offer a S$10 rebate on any purchases in a single receipt if you show your rental invoice at Baby Slings & Carriers within 3 months of start of rental date. This will be valid for any purchases except sale items.

3) What if a loaned item gets damaged?

Damages will be charged in accordance to how much repair is needed. In most cases where the damage is minimal, charges can start from S$10 for broken buckles (depending on buckle replacement cost) or sewing. For serious damages where an item is destroyed beyond repair, we reserve the right to charge up to a maximum of 90% of the carrier retail value. No rental fees will then be due. 


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