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Our Baby Ring Slings

Baby Ring Slings are Best for Baby Nursing on the Move

Baby Sleeping in a Baby Ring SlingBaby ring slings are one of the most versatile baby carriers available on the market. Suitable from newborn onwards, they are most suited for nursing babies and breastfeeding mothers as it facilitates discreet breastfeeding. Fashioned after the Indonesian Selendang, it is made simply from a stretch of cloth (material range from cotton, cotton blends, silk, linen, linen blends to synthetic mesh) and a pair of rings made from nylon or metal.

Baby Slings & Carriers only offers baby ring slings with Nylon or Aluminium rings that have been passed through stringent test standards and proven to be extremely safe for use. You can be sure our baby ring slings meet strict criteria for a fuss-free, versatile travel system. Depending on your needs, you can consider baby ring slings from the many specially selected brands and sling material that we have to offer.

We recommend the baby ring slings to be used from newborn onwards to a maximum weight of 15kg (About 3.5 years old for an average size boy).

Most baby ring slings have been built to withstand far greater weight limits but the basic construct of the baby ring sling puts the weight only on a single shoulder. This puts tremendous amount of strain on the babywearer's lower back & shoulder. Depending on the fabric used and the design of each baby sling, we also recommend a comfortable weight limit for carrying periods beyond 30mins.

The following baby ring sling comparison table summarizes our recommendations. Please understand that this is meant to be a general guideline for you. Babywearers who choose to use a ring sling should be aware of the weight distribution constraint of the ring sling and always listen to your own body to determine your own limit for using the sling.

Baby Ring Slings Comfortable weight for
carrying periods beyond 30mins
Key Ring Slings Features
JPMBB Slings 12kg
  • 100% Special Viscose
  • Light weight aluminium rings
  • Super lightweight & stretchy
  • Protection Pad for rings
  • Easiest to manage for 1st time users
Sakura Bloom Premium Linen Slings 12kg
  • 100% Premium Linen
  • Light weight aluminium rings
  • Wide gathered shoulder panel
  • Easy to manage for 1st time users
Hug-a-bub Organic Cotton Mesh Slings 12kg
  • Extra light weight 100% Organic Cotton Mesh
  • Light weight aluminium rings
  • Wide gathered shoulder panel
Oscha Slings Pleated Shoulder Slings & 
Oscha Slings Gathered Shoulder Slings
  • 100% Premium Linen, 50-50 Cotton Linen Blend or 100% cotton
  • Light weight aluminium rings
  • Gathered or Pleated shoulder panel
  • Exquisite fabric design
Ellaroo Handwoven Cotton Slings 12kg
  • 100% Guatemalan Handwoven Cotton coloured with non-toxic dyes
  • Heavy duty aluminium rings
  • Lightly padded shoulder panel
  • Lightly padded sling railings
JumpSac Baby Linen Blend Slings 12kg
  • 50-50 Linen-Rayon or 50-50 Linen-Cotton Blend
  • Light weight aluminium rings
  • Isolated padded shoulder panel
  • Uniformly pleated sling panel
  • Zipped Pocket at Tail End of Sling
Taylormade Silk Slings 12kg
  • 100% Silk Dupioni with hand-dyed 100% cotton batik panel
  • Light weight aluminum rings
  • Each piece is special with unique hand painted batik pocket
Taylormade Batik Baby Slings 10kg
  • 100% Cotton hand-dyed in Bali using traditional methods.
  • Light weight aluminium rings
Taylormade Water Mesh Slings 8kg
  • 100% Polyester Athletic Mesh. Usable when wet.
  • Light weight aluminium rings

With the flexibility of the baby ring slings also comes with it the a little more complexity in terms of learning how to use it. Skilled baby ring sling users can put a baby or toddler in and out of a ring sling in split of a second. Many have done it, so can you.

It might also help for you to know that just like learning how to swim, you do not need to learn all the different strokes to be able a good swimmer. With the baby ring sling, you do not need to learn all the different carrying styles to carry your child safely. Often, just one or two carry positions are sufficient. For those of you that like the idea of using a baby ring sling but are worried that you don't know how to use it, you want to know that we provide a comprehensive online step by step guide (with video instructions) to help you get the hang on how to use your baby ring sling.

Oscha Slings Pleated Shoulder Wrap Conversion Ring SlingsOscha Slings Pleated Shoulder Wrap Conversion Ring SlingsThe Oscha Slings Original Highland Pleat Shoulder wrap conversion ring slings were developed working closely with highly experienced tailors. Utilizing both box and knife pleats, the design looks elegant and is extremely comfortable to wear. Symmetrical pleats move away from the centre of the ring sling to ensure an even distribution of the baby's weight whilst moulding easily around the wearer's shoulder. 

Oscha Slings Gathered Shoulder Wrap Conversion Ring SlingsOscha Slings Gathered Shoulder Wrap Conversion Ring SlingsThe Oscha Slings Wrap Conversion Gathered Shoulder Ring Slings made with Oscha Slings famed specially weaved premium fabric is relatively unstructured as the fabric is gathered directly through the rings with no folds. This allows you to spread and move the fabric very easily on your shoulder for even weight distribution. The gathered shoulder design has been widely used by babywearers for quite some time now and is a tried and tested favourite. 

Sakura Bloom Premium Linen Baby Ring SlingsSakura Bloom Premium Linen Baby Ring SlingsSakura Bloom Premium Linen baby slings are crafted of only the world's finest all natural fibers: soft premium linens. Each sling is made with care in Massachusetts, USA. Naturally antibacterial, cool to wear, and perfect for all climates, linen is also easy to care for and becomes softer and stronger over time.
Je Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Ring SlingsJe Porte Mon Bebe (JPMBB) Ring SlingsJe Porte Mon Bebe renowned for their innovative Hybrid Stretchy Baby Wrap brings you the JPMBB Ring Sling or Little Wrap Without Knots. While baby ring slings are not new, JPMBB Rings Slings are one of its kind. Utilizing a new fabric developed and made in Europe specially for babywearing, you now have a ring sling that is not just more comfortable but also easier to use and manage than traditional ring slings, and best of all, suitable for all climates. 

Hug-a-bub Organic Cotton Mesh Baby Ring SlingsHug-a-bub Organic Cotton Mesh Baby Ring SlingsThe Hug-a-Bub Organic Cotton Mesh Baby Ring Sling is made from a soft and breathable, lightweight 100% cotton fabric which allows airflow in and around your baby. The gathered shoulder sling design, gives you the option for wider shoulder coverage and enhanced wearing comfort, whether you are carrying a newborn baby or an older child.
Ellaroo Handwoven Cotton Baby Ring SlingsEllaroo Handwoven Cotton Baby Ring SlingsEllaroo has combined the same great fabrics with high-quality aluminum rings to come up with the Ellaroo Handwoven ring slings. With just a touch of cotton padding in the shoulder and rails, it provides great comfort for babies who prefer to have a little more padding around the knees when in an upright position. Guatemalan cotton used in these lightly-padded ring slings are 100% handwoven and colored with non-toxic dyes.
JumpSac Linen Blend Baby Ring SlingsJumpSac Linen Blend Baby Ring SlingsJumpsac Baby Linen Blend slings are one of the most practical and stylish ring slings for both first time or seasoned babywearers. Linen is naturally antibacterial and wicks moisture away easily, making it one of the most comfortable and coolest fabrics to wear babies, especially in a tropical environment. Lint-free and non-allergenic, it can easily be touted as one of the best fabrics for use on sensitive babies' skins.
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