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Baby Ring Sling Video Demos with Newborn

Video Demos on How to use a Baby Ring Sling with a Newborn

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To complement our Online Step by Step instructions for our Baby Ring Slings, we have also created a series of video demonstrations to help you master the use of you Baby Ring Slings especially when you intend to use your baby ring sling with a newborn. Just select the demonstration you are interested in below and enjoy!

Baby Ring Sling Video Upright CarrySome infants prefer the upright carry positions but carrying even a newborn in the upright position for long can be tiring for the adult. Using a Baby Ring Sling to help keep the baby snugly against you body in the upright carry position, at the same time hands free can be very handy. This video instruction demonstrates how to put a 6 weeks old baby into a baby ring sling in the upright carry position.
Baby Ring Sling Video Cradle CarryThe baby ring sling Cradle Carry position is the most common 1st carrying position that mothers master. The cradle carry position is most suitable for putting babies to sleep as well as for discreet breastfeeding on the move. This video instruction demonstrates how to put a 6 weeks old infant into the cradle carry position using a baby ring sling.
Baby Ring Sling Video Putting a Sleeping Baby DownThe Baby Ring Sling is a great baby tool for the parent to help them put babies to sleep. Once baby falls asleep, it might be easier to put them down in their crib or bed. This video instructions shows you the steps on how to put a sleeping baby down on the bed after they have fallen into deep sleep in a baby ring sling.
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