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About Baby Slings & Carriers

We are 10 years old!

Thank you for 10 years of Babywearing Love

We are 10 years old this year and are happy to hit this milestone! The initial years were all about educating parents on the benefits of babywearing, dispeling myths, educating people on babywearing ergonomics and safety. From modest beginnings with a simple website and a 70 sq feet brick-and-mortar store where we offered only one ring sling brand and one soft-structured carrier brand (because there were few options then), we are proud to now operate a 1400 sq feet showroom dedicated to a huge range of babywearing products, while embracing the same humble belief of helping parents babywear, according to their own lifestyle and preferences (unless it violates safety and ergonomics!).

Throughout the years with thousands of personalized fittings on different profiles of parents and babies, we have built a humble reputation among parents for our professional and unbiased judgement so that they can truly find something comfortable that works for them.  Because of our deep intimate knowledge of our baby slings, wraps and carriers and your baby's developments, we are able to stock the best of breed babywearing products so you can be sure you will be able to find something ergonomically superior that will work for you. 

Many of our customers and suppliers have become our personal friends, and most recently we have also worked with Die Trageschule to offer Babywearing Consultancy Workshops to bring together the best babywearing consultancy professionals in Asia, to continually keep up with the latest in evidence-based babywearing knowledge.

We are proud to continue serving customers the same way you and your babies (and us) have always enjoyed. Your baby's safety, optimal development and ergonomics as well as that of yours will always be our ultimate priority!

Who is Baby Slings & Carriers?

Baby in Taylormade Batik Baby Sling

Being avid practitioners of attachment parenting and breastfeeding, we take a serious interest in exploring baby and parenting issues. Baby Slings & Carriers was born because we saw the need for a comprehensive website that helps a new parent or caregiver select the right babywearing tool while caring for a new baby.

As there are many different types of babywearing tools in the market today, these myriad of information can be quite overwhelming to a new parent, or even to an experienced one as more brands and designs make their way to the market. Some parents end up with many different types of baby slings or carriers, simply because they have selected a type that did not quite suit their need and situation.

So, should you choose a baby sling or a baby carrier? Which one is cool enough for the warm weather? Is it easy to maintain? We are sure these are questions that you may have on your mind once you’ve decided that you will need a baby carrier but no one to help you answer them. As we carry a wide range of  carriers and brands instore, we are able to give you an unbiased view of how each feels like, and how they compare with the rest  - so that you can rest easy knowing that you have made an informed decision. Rest assured that we have chosen to carry only the baby slings and baby carriers that we feel meet our own strict requirements in terms of quality, safety and value.

Baby Slings & Carriers Babywearing Specialist Showroom at Jalan PemimpinOn 1 Dec 2008, we open the 1st Babywearing Specialist Boutique Shop in Singapore at Thomson Plaza. We subsequently moved into a larger 400sq ft flagship store at Square 2 mall on 1 Oct 2009.

In order to accomodate our growing range of products, we had to moved again in Oct 2012 and this time into our current 1000sq ft showroom at Jalan Pemimpin. If you are in Singapore, please feel free to come visit us.

As long as you have questions regarding babywearing or how to choose the right baby carrier for you and your baby, we are more than happy to help you out. Our Carrier Fitting Service* will not just offer to you the best of breed slings, wraps & carriers in the market but also help you to find the right one to best fit you, your baby & your needs. We look forward to seeing you.

For details on how to get to our shop and the opening hours, check out our contact details page.

 * Effective from 1st September 2014, fitting of any baby slings, wraps and carriers are subject to a fully-redeemable fitting charge of $20 limited to a maximum of 1 hour per baby per couple (2 persons), and limited to fittings of no more than 3 carriers at our showroom (extension of fitting time and type of carriers are subject to a case-by-case basis). The fitting service is inclusive of consultation and is fully-redeemable against your purchase of any sling, wrap or carrier of your choice. This means that fitting is still absolutely free for our genuine customers who purchase a sling, wrap or carrier. From 1 Apr 2017, carrier fitting services will be by appointment only. You can click here to find out more details on our carrier fitting services and how to go about doing the booking.

We carry carefully selected baby carriers and babywearing accessories from the following brands in our store:

If you still have doubts, we welcome your questions. Just send your questions to us at our contact page & we will have them answered within three working days.




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